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Watch YouTube Video | AirTel TV Commercial - AirTel Sound feat. AR Rahman
Ad directed by Rajive Menon | Rap : Blaaze

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November 2002
I had heard that ARR was doing a project with Airtel, in denominations of Crores.But I never thought that the project would materialize so soon.Being one of the hardcore Rehmaniacs,I was eagerly waited for this ads in front of TV.The next day, when I was viewing the News, the magical Ad appeared, and what a great one it was. For the next three days, probably the whole of TN and India was switching channels for an AD!!!
ARR tries to divert the attention of a child, in an airport and accidentally hits upon a tune.He plays the tune to a composer, some miles away from the surroundings.They agree that the tune needs to be enhanced by more sounds.Rahman goes on improvising during his travel, and finally arrives at a masterpiece of music, which pleases the composer, people and the annoyed child himself.That the Ad comes after ARRs Bombay Dreams and after the Unique Internet Music Composition for the Film ’’Baba’’ is indeed ironical.And an exclusive Ringtone that set the whole city crazy was named ’’Airtel Ringtone’’. That is indeed great publicity.
It is indeed very pleasing to see the old jingle duo of Rajeev Menon, and A.R.Rahman back in action.The two set trends in Ad Making, with their brilliant blend of perfection and class in the early 90s.Leo Coffee Ad, and Regal Ads are unforgettable. Kudos to ARR and Rajeev Menon for this beautiful ad!