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February 2005:

In an effort to run a strict quality check on the short-listed candidates of Star One’s [V] Super Singer, super judge Adnan Sami has now invited ace music director A R Rahman to join him in the screening process.
The show, which has now entered a critical phase, has brought down 25 short-listed candidates from all over the country to Mumbai.
These candidates will undergo Yoga training for the body and mind with Bharat Kapoor, and rehearse with voice specialist Rama Vaidyanath and vocalist Bhavdeep Jaipurwala.

Rahman, who will make his television debut with the show, said, “I am looking for someone who has a voice that can move hearts. The sort of voice where one can close his eyes and enjoy the song which the singer is singing.”
Stressing on the melody aspect, he says, “I think the minute I hear the song it should make me smile, the voice needs to have that quality.”
Rahman also says it is very important for the singer to be able to learn a song quickly. “I think it’s critical that the singer is in sync with the music director.”
Nitin Srivastav, who sung in front of Rahman, had this to say. “It was a dream come true to sing in front of Rahman. All my life I’ve been hearing his songs and practicing them, but now I actually got a chance to sing for him,” he said. Srivastav sung Om Shanti Om and a popular thumri for the judges.