Help | How to Download from esnips?

Help | How to Download from esnips?
Courtesy : Rahmaniac

  1. Step 1 | ScreenShot
    • open Rahmaniac's Folder .
    • You need to click on the song which you want to download, in this case I selected the song which is marked by red.
  2. Step 2 | ScreenShot
    • Now once the next page opens it will look like this, playing song, you need to click in the empty area
    • showed one red dot mark, which is can right click there to select view source or you can always go to View-->source from the browser menu
  3. Step3 | ScreenShot
  4. step4 | ScreenShot
  5. step5 | ScreenShot
  6. step6 | ScreenShot