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Music by : AR Rahman
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It starts with a shot from the Quit India Movement: "Two words can bring down an empire". Then it cuts to Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I have a dream” speech. Caption with the shot this time: "One dream can change the world."
The next frame shows David Shepherd declaring Tendulkar as out & Tendulkar glancing at the heavens. Caption: "One raised finger can break a billion hearts." Winston Churchill appears in the frame, addressing a huge gathering during the War. & the caption continues from the previous image "... and two can win a war!" The images that follow (if you are lucky to view the full version of this advertisement) are of: Dalai Lama – a whisper can inspire hope… Mother Teresa – one touch can instill faith… Lata Mangeshkar – some voices can move a nation… Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – yet some others can dissolve boundaries… The demolition of the Berlin Wall – one act of defiance can spark a revolution… & finally, a large gathering of people holding candles – one hundred thousand candles can end a war…
Throughout the commercial, the A. R. Rahman – composed Airtel tune plays in the background, as the words "That is the power of human expression" appear on screen… Conceptually speaking, it’s not tough to relate the entire advertisement with the product: a cell phone network service provider. The product tag line – “Express Yourself” relates best with the product advertisement.
While the last line says: "That is the power of human expression", the product Tag line urges the on-looker to Express. And in the advertisement, they have just depicted few of the examples of the power of Human Expression. Simple, yet so subtle. Though only the major events of the world that occurred in the last century have been covered in this advertisement & they have been associated with the power of Human Expressions