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Behind story:The Airtel “Express Yourself” campaign has been a phenomenal success over the months since it was first introduced.Its success can be gauged by the fact that it has given Airtel a completely new brand image.And the credit for this goes to the creative team at Rediffussion DY&R, which is the ad agency that took charge of revamping Airtel's brand image.
The masterminds behind the 'Express Yourself' campaign are the joint vice-presidents: Mr. Prashant Godbole and Zarwan Patel.On being asked about the specifications their agency received from Airtel, Godbole replies, "Airtel is a market leader in the cellular network and they wanted a very fresh and contemporary idea to build a brand image which their customers could identify".
The photographs on the hoardings have been subjects for discussions. Interestingly, not all of these photographs have been clicked by a professional; some of them have been clicked by Godbole himself.The Result Prashant Godbole, VP & Executive Creative Director- Rediffusion DY & R. “A characteristic of the photographs of the campaign is that they are all in black and white. We deliberately photographed the campaign in black and white to give it a classic look and also to focus on the message rather than the colours”. He says with a big smile,
"Yes, I clicked the photographs with the assistance of my good friend and photographer Pesi Dubash.It was more because of the situation that I clicked those photographs.The original choice for shooting the ad was Swapan Parekh but as he was not available at that time and the advertisement was to be shot on schedule, I decided to do it myself with help from Pesi."
No professional for a nationwide campaign? Godbole further explains, "All you need to have a good photograph is a good eye, and a basic understanding of the technicalities of your camera and photography in general. But anyways, in this case Pesi was there for help”