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60 Years of Independence- Tell Us What You Think!

Posted by Manu Rekhi, orkut India Product Manager

As I made plans to celebrate the day off with friends and family, I got thinking about Independence day. This year August 15th will be more exciting than last year, as India will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Independence. Its been quite a journey for one of the world's oldest civilization's to become one of the fastest growing economies. Looking to share my excitement for the holiday, I headed for orkut where there is never a shortage of opinions. As expected, I found a slew of communities on orkut where Indians from around the world share their opinions, views and pride for their country. In these communities, I found a lot of interesting forums and polls on subjects ranging from who should be the next prime minister to the hottest Bollywood star. I was inspired by the discussion in these communities and shared them with my friends on the orkut team here at Google. We decided to celebrate India's 60th year of Independence by asking users to express their view on what they think about the significant moments in India's past and the big milestones ahead. We contacted the owners of the communities below and they agreed to let us post polls on the subject. So from now through August 15th, you can go to the following communities and cast your vote on questions about India's past and future, and participate in forums to discuss these questions. The results will be posted on the blog after the holiday. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Click on the questions to vote and join the discussion in the participating orkut communities: