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Year : 1993

Gentleman - Movie Details
Gentleman (1993) is a Tamil film directed by S. Shankar, released on the 13th July 1993. The film marked S. Shankar's debut in film, and with the highest budget for an Indian film in 1993, became a blockbuster upon release. It stars Arjun and Madhoo in the lead roles. The film's music (score and soundtrack) is composed by A. R. Rahman, and it was very well received upon release. The choreography in the film was also viewed as a highlight.
It reamked it to Hindi as The gentlman starring Juhi and Chiranjeevi.AR Rahman's 3 songs used in hindi sound tracks ,rest is composed by Anumalik.
Gentleman - Crew
  • Directed by : S. Shankar
  • Produced by : K. T. Kunjumon
  • Written by : S. Shankar
  • Music by : A. R. Rahman
  • Release date : 13 July 1993
Gentleman - Cast
  • Arjun
  • Madhoo
  • Goundamani
  • Senthil

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