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Jaago India - Mission Ustad Promo (2:31 min)
  'Mission Ustaad' is a Unique Musical Show in Indian Television history, being produced by 9xtv in partnership with music director A.R.Rehman,the United Nations and Endemol India for a special cause.'JaagoIndia'number rendered by voices of eminence like A.R.Rehman,Kailash Kher,Sonali & Roop Kumar Rathod,Mahalaxmi Iyer,Vasundhara Das,Sweta Pandit and others is added for it's inspirational value as a song and India's pride.Schedule - Friday and Saturday 9.00 PM

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Mission Ustaad Aamir Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid

Words and voices shared by participants and judges on the 'Mission Ustaad' show and the UN's Millennium Development Goal...

Show Footage
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Naresh Iyer & Shweta Pandit - Mission Ustad - Jodi No. 1 -

Vasundra Das & Mohit Chauhan - Mission Ustad - Jodi no 2

Roop Kumar Rathod & Sonali Rathod - Mission Ustad Jodi no 3

Kailash Kher & Mahalaxmi Iyer - Mission Ustad jodi no 4

Mission Ustad - Last combined performance

Intro Episode: December 1st 2007

On December 1st, 2007 ‘Mission Ustaad’, the musical blockbuster with the mission of ‘making a difference’, launched with much fanfare and enthusiasm.  The three judges- music maestro A.R. Rahman, the unparalleled lyricist  Javed Akhtar and the ravishing Lara Dutta, expressed their excitement on being on such a unique show that offers great entertainment along with spreading awareness about the UN Millennium Development Goals.   
The launch episode introduced the 8 talented singers who will be participating for the coveted ‘Ustaad Jodi’ over the next 12 weeks. The participants, who were introduced in pairs, all expressed their commitment towards the ‘mission’ of the show and showcased their talent by singing their most popular songs till date. 
The beautiful and talented actress Nandita Das appeared as the special guest on the show and appealed to the audiences to participate in the mission of the show in propagating the UN Millennium Development Goals.
The show concluded with all the 8 singers coming together to perform a medley of ‘Choti si Asha’ from Roja and ‘Aashaein’ from Iqbal, songs of hope and optimism. This was the perfect way of communicating the essence of the show that aims to spread awareness about eradicating poverty and the commitment of the participants towards it.

Along with the genius musician, music director and singer par excellence, A R Rahman, the mega show will feature writer and poet extraordinaire, Javed Akhtar as a judge and Miss Universe & Bollywood superstar Lara Dutta as celebrity judges. Along with millions of viewers across the length and breadth of India, the three celebrity judges will evaluate the performances of eight of the most talented singers. And together, they will provide engrossing and mass musical entertainment for a cause – to create awareness about the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) across the length and breadth of India.
Eight Singing Stars
The eight singers, who are ready to set the stage a‐fire with their performances of original hits and specially created compositions on special themes every week, will perform as pairs, or jodis, in four teams as follows:
• The mellifluous husband‐wife jodi of Roop Kumar Rathod & Sunali Rathod
• Earthy genius Kailash Kher and the melodious Mahalaxmi Iyer
• Beautiful actor and gifted singer Vasundhara Das & Mohit Chauhan of Silk Route fame, and
• National award winner Naresh Iyer and young sensation Shweta Pandit.
The Host

The show is hosted by none other than the stunning actor Simone Singh. According to Simone Singh, “Mission Ustaad is a noble cause in fun packaging. I think it will have a wide reach, and if it gets people to think, then we will have gone some way in keeping our promises towards accomplishing the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. It is a good thing that a channel like 9X, that has mass appeal has associated itself with the cause and mission of the United Nations.”

Exciting Show Format
The four pairs, or jodis of singers on Mission Ustaad will sing popular and especially composed songs based on a theme linked to the UN MDGs. Each week, this powerful mix of musical entertainment will be judged by the three superstar judges on the show, along with the viewers. While the television audiences across the nation will be asked to vote for the pair whose song has touched their hearts the most, the judges, after listening to the popular songs and the original composition of each Jodi, will declare what they feel has been the most impactful and touching musical performance of the week. The pair or jodi that gets the maximum number of votes will be crowned Jodi of the Week. The jodi that makes the biggest impact week after week will be proclaimed the Ustaad Jodi. There will be no eliminations. Also, not just the Ustaad Jodi, but all the other pairs too will stand to win prize money that will be contributed to charities that would use the funds to spread awareness about and implement the UN Millennium Development Goals in India. 9X too will contribute all profits from the SMS‐es received for Mission Ustaad, to the overall kitty for the purpose. As the jewel in the crown of the series, the best original compositions by the various pairs will be compiled in an album aimed at spreading the message of the UN Millennium Development Goals across India.