Khwaja mere | Rendition by an ar rahman fan!

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"Hesham" who is a contestant of Idea Star Singer Reality Show in malayalam TV channel Asianet.He is a die hard fan of ar rahman, sung the song 'Khwaja mera' from 'jodhaa Akbar'.He had also sung 'Sahana' some weeks earlier.Here are some comment from judges

  • Sharath(A malayalam music director, not so popular, done some beatiful composition, a die hard fan of ilayaraja. he is hearing this first time): This songs is something so special.This is an entirly different song from unexpected one

  • MG Sreekumar(Singer, who sang the malayalm parts of 'jiya chale' of dilse): really created a mood...

  • Usha Udup(Pop singer) told that she bought Jodhaa Akbar's CD but didnt heard "Khwaaja" cos she wanted to listen it first through Hishaam's voice

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