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Last Updated : 31-08-2010
Year : 2007
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Watch YouTube Video | Sevgi sadosi - the echo of love
A remixed version of the 'Ae Udi'  from 'Saathiya'
Watch YouTube Video | Ko'ngillar bog'landi - Hearts got tied together
A remixed version of Musthafa Musthafa from Kadhal Desam/Duniya Dilwalon Ki
Iroda Dilroz’s Songs – Behind The Story
By Javohir Davletov ,
Uzbekistani artiste Iroda Dilroz has released two music videos of her remix of AR Rahman's numbers on the internet. Iroda tells Calcutta Times that she is desperately seeking Rahman's opinion.Tales of plagiarism by Indian artistes don't make news any longer. Instead, an Indian artiste 'inspiring' another across the border makes for an interesting copy. That's why a month ago when we chanced upon two music videos of an Uzbekistani artiste, we were surprised at their similarities with two Rahman numbers.

Iroda Dilroz has remixed two of Rahman's numbers and is now keen on getting feedback from the Indian composer.While Sevgi sadosi - the echo of love is a remix version of the Uri uri number from Saathiya, Ko'ngillar bog'landi - Hearts got tied together is a remix of the popular Mustafa Mustafa number.
Both the videos begin with a credit line: AR Rahman musiqasi. After a month's chase, we finally managed to trace Iroda in Uzbekistan. In broken English, she said that she is a Rahman fan. The conversation concluded with Iroda singing Chandralekha in Tamil as well as humming Saathiya, which incidentally also happens to be her favorite film.
What prompted you to remix AR Rahman's numbers?
I regularly follow all his creative pursuits. I had even performed Uri Uri and Mustafa Mustafa together with Rahman during his tours to Malaysia and Dubai. Rahman had also suggested that I sing his song, Chandraleyka, in my mother tongue. I just had two days before the tour but I decided to take the risk and sing it in the original Tamil language. I still can't forget how warmly it was received by the audience.
Why did you choose these two particular numbers above all his other compositions?
I've decided to do these clips because I just wanted to do something on my own for such a great composer and singer as Rahman so that our people get to enjoy his music. The lyrics have been rewritten in a manner that is easier for our people to understand.
Did you tell Rahman that you wished to do a video of his numbers?
He had personally allowed me to do it in Chadralekha and any of his other songs with a reference to him. After I did those video clips, I personally sent them across to him. We've completely lost touch with him after the tour and I've been struggling to find what Rahman thinks of my remixes and videos.
Are these remixes more popular than your own numbers?
I have gained fame much before I sang to the tunes of Rahman. I have been performing since the age of 10 and have sung over 50 original singles. In my country, I've become famous for my original performances of our traditional folk music. I've earned a dozen of national awards like Nihol from the President of Uzbekistan and have taken part in international festivals in Korea, Germany , China, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic. Yet, I must add that this musical exchange with Rahman added to my deep appreciation for Indian music and culture.
What about sharing the royalty with Rahman?
I have not released the videos on sale and have done no business transactions with them.
How popular is Hindi songs and movies in your country?
Oh! They are extremely popular. I love Hindi films. As for the singers, I like Richa Sharma, Sadhana Sargam and KK.
Any plans of releasing these remix videos for Indian channels?
I'd love to do that. I'm keen on performing live in India. I had first visited India on an invitation from Rahman and would love to do it again.

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