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hi to all rahmanism.com visitors ,
Rahmanism.com now have more than 70,000 unique visitors, over 2.5 Lakh page impression,with Google page rank 2 and alexa ranking 7,000(india)  which is not bad for an amature site like rahmanism.com.First i want to thank all who supported and promoted this site.As some of you know this is not a professional site.This is only a blog!i am trying to improve its design and speed of loading pages .i want this site looks like a Professional! Hope you will continue Your support and be with rahmanism
Thank you again ,i will start many other contest from next month onwards.The winner of last contest was Jose (View Details)
  • Do you think giving original CD is illegal! click here to participate in hot discussion n orkut
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  • Result will be announced on 1st week of following month