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    Want to be a composer? Checkout Fruity Loops Tutorial

Want to be a Sound engineer?
  1. you dont need any formal degree to compose music ....however if you have one it is always good to tell "i have a degrre you know"
  2. a music composer is not a mixer whu uses loops to confound people and ultimately prove that he is nothing but a big xerox machine
  3. you can use loops but ur songs should always have a ratio of 1:10 where 1 is for loops . exceeding this rations spoils ur originality .
  4. i personally dont like uch of frooty loops since dey are acidic in nature and corrodes the melody if not used properly ..however dere are instances where frottylops churned out melodious wonders .
  5. a music composer needs creativity which cant be derived but has to be god gifted ..and if u r not gifted but still u want to compose music in any case den u may be a anu malik in making {no offence intended}
in an interview rahman said that one can compose music by using a software called GARAGE which is a product from apple
And the software soemone was refering too above is called garageband... i am personally a garageband user and what it basicaally is, is a loop based sequencer just like acid which comes with ready made royalty free loops for all the basic needs like podcastin jingles etc. The software com with a collection of over 4 gb of loops at ur disposal featuring loops to suit all major genres. Itz based on th mac platform (Mac Rulez) so it much more easyier and funkier to work on...
BUY Some CDs and Start Creating Music Now !
Here i want to share my experience of creating music through softwares.
  1. Creating music on softwares can be as easy as cooking a indian food recipe if you are aware of some sequencing skills.It can be as difficult and can smoke all ur nights as seducing a girl.
  2. But don't worry. Start now
  3. I recommend Fruity loops 4 or 5 to start. Avoid ani midi softwares coz ur new and they freak you! (Checkout FruityLoops Tutorial)
  4. install it first carefully and thoroughly experiment through its sequancer...don't try some music or notes, firstly experiment with beats, set tempo, load some drums in samplers and create 2 or 3 tracks through your rough melodies.
  5. Go to play list mode, and arrange your tracks(shown as white bars) before/after or above/blow each other, push play button and listen to it, no matter how rough it sounds ! if you r not satified, re-arrange ur tracks in playlist again.its only a mouse click Job.... Continued...
  6. if you aren't satified still, change tempo, add some extra beats or subtract from previous.. then play again
  7. At first you need hours to experiment! slowly and slowly you'll start to learn how it works.Just Experiment ! itz not going to cost u money, just time.
  8. Go through Fruity loops manuals, ready definations of Music jargon and technical name there..you'll learn what something is and what no !
  9. Save you file, export it as mp3 and listen to it ! you'll start love ur own music...You are now a Dummy Musician !!! Wow
Coz it is user friendly...very good for new starters and very professional for masters...I don't know about apple softwares, but for windows users, fruity is best choice , i've been using it since 2 years. It contains lots of samples, and Yes ! you can create your own samples(loops) too... In coming threads, i 'll share how to edit Audio, record your own song, and mix it with your own music in Fruity loops..the best choice for starters for editing Audio is Adobe Audition or Cool Edit Pro...I 've tested both..... and Finally...Guys ! don't worry if our maestro uses softwares...we r not Anti-technology...it helps and saves times, it fantastic and mind blowing !! In final analysis its your own style which reflects in your music(no matter its digital)....and that where come ur creativity...u can be creative even with technology..it enhances your creativity...so plz ! don't get annoyed if ARR uses softwares...he is Genious, music is in his head, and he makes softwares create music such as he makes his musicians or rhythm programmers create music ! its simple....anywayz I love this man AR.
You may recall from RDB's Roobaroo track that beautiful voice in course played constantly after Verse "Tup Tup ta" "Rip Tap Tap Ta" "Rip tup ta" at different places in song. These are merly course voices sung by some singer with a digital quility. This can be achieved in Fruitly loops. How This Effect Can Be Achieved?
  1. This Effect is actually a "Vocoder"..I dun know rehman used it in Fruity or anyother software...But you can find it in soundForge or some other Editing software wid name as "Orange Vocoder" or "(blah blah) Vocoder"..
  2. Your first record any Vocal and put it into vocoder as an input-1, for 2nd Input- Feed in Vocoder any insturment like any synth or pad
  3. Vocal will sound as if an instrument is Singing !! You are done !! [ Listen again Roobaroo carefully]
Pathshala.....Phasing drums You might recall from RDB in Pathshalla....that its drums sound really fantastic and are resonant...u might hear that drums constantly vibrate(or Phase) between different frequencies(Listen carefully if u 've an ear for music)..this can be achieved through fruity loops
  1. Put some drums in sequencer
  2. Assign a mixer track to that sequencer in CHANNEL windows...then open Fruity Mixer and go to mixer track number u've assigned to channel..assign a "Phase" Plug-in to that track...push play button...and play with nobs, do some tweaking and u'll hear drums sound different, they will continously be PHASING b/w frequencies...U r Done !
NOTE: You can do all dis stuff only if u 've some sequencing skills or u've played with Fruity loops...so install it and start playing(Experimenting) wid it....u've some day learn how to use it....more in coming threads !!
Recall From "Fanna" of Yuva...Do u hear a constant sequence string continously playing is song ? and u might 've heard it some where else. if not, again listen to FANNA, and try to here that sequence after which vocals are added. This Can be Achieved in FL if you have FL version 5 or after: U'll find a Sytrus plug-in there. open its presets, locat Sequence section, there are a dozen of them of different types. Tweaks some nobs of Sytrus, and hear to you Sequence. Try to Remove Drums or any other percussion sound from Plug-in by playing with Nobs. U'll here a brilliant Sequence. You should better have headphones for it, coz u can modify even a low-volume change in Sequence ! You Are Done With It ! Enjoy...
I have also been using Music Editing Softwares like Audacity / SONY Soundforge etc . I have also had some expericnce with FruityLoops and KBPiano. Regarding the use of Technology by ARR, I would like to tell that however advanced a technology is, it cannot appeal to the audience if the composition isn't good... and one more feature of Rahman is that he can extract amazing performances from his singers (which No SW/HW can do!!!)
No matter how intensivly rahman uses technology,but we are always astonished how he stands unique wid same softwars !!! it creativity guys...i always wonder how he pours soul in music and creates a situation through music, a world in which we are lost!!! Rehman is a great Sound Engineer of all the times!! I am not sure but i've heard that there are certain frequencies which sooth our brain, may be rehman know which frequency level or modulation will leave soothful impact on listener's brain!! its possible...I am doing research on this, and will tell u later that what range of frequency sooths human brain, and we can achieve such frequency levels through softwares !!
Rahman and singers
Rahman had given in an interview that he used to change the singers sometimes to get the perfection for the song. For Uyire of Bombay, he first tried with some other singer (name he did not mention) and he and manirathnam were not getting the real mood of the song..they wondered what went wrong..After changing the singer everything came into perfection!!some 1 plzz tell mostly payment is on directors discretion , not sure though and director gives a list of choice sngers den rhman chooses d singers according to the mental image he frames for a asong , if he feels dat dis singers voice is raw enuf for a song den dat singer is chosen

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