UU - Rahmanism Help | How to Download from Rapidshare.com?

Original post : bocahklene's Blog

Because to many people who visit my site and asking how to download the file from rapidshare, so i would try to make some tutorial how to download from rapidshare.
  1. Click link, file or title you want to download. for Eg : Download.
  2. After you click you go to rapidshare site. and look like this picture.
  3. Choose free download
  4. You will look and wait a countdown time until 0.
  5. Choose the mirror server you want to use.(You can choose any server ,better leave it to default server)
  6. Put the code to the place and Click download
  7. Wait the file download until finish.(You can't uses any download accelerator like flashget)
  8. But if the file has been deleted you will look like this.so you cant download!
Okay.. that a simple tutorial how to download from rapidshare. If you still don’t understrand you can find many tutorial how to download from rapidshare.com and rapidshare.de