Download Tilda Basmathi Rice TV Ad Video and Mp3

Last updated : 29 December 2008 at 05:30PM (India)

Contents : Audio and Video Downloads | YouTube Videos last i got the original tilda basmati rice old TV Commercials by ar rahman...the earlier ad posted here may be done by ar rahman..

There are 3 version -farmers,experts and a documentary without any dialogue.i have included the high quality video and mp3 .

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Tilda Basmati rice TV Commercials

Music composed :A.R.Rahman

Year : 1990-1992 | Other TV Commercials

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Quality : Good | MP3 | Ripped from : Video

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4th Video quality : Low | Ripped from : YouTube

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YouTube Video | Tilda Basmathi Rice TVC Full - 1

YouTube Video | Tilda Basmathi Rice TVC-Experts - 2

YouTube Video | Tilda Basmathi Rice TVC-Farmers - 3

YouTube Video | Tilda Basmati rice TVC Older