Special - Want email id [email protected] ?

hi,i opened membership for rahmanism.com . You can have [email protected] mail id and IT"S FREE!
This service is powered by Windows live(Hotmail).That means your mail providers will be Hotmail but instead of [email protected] , You'll get [email protected]  For Eg: [email protected] . Since this is a Hotmail id , you can use this id as your MSN messenger(Live Messenger) chat id..... nice na.

Once you signup, this will be your Windows Live Id.You can use all windows Live features such as mail,chatting etc.Checkout below for services
  • Hotmail:
  • Mail: 
  • Messenger: 
  • Toolbar: 
  • SkyDrive: 
  • Spaces: 
  • Photo Gallery: 
  • Writer: 
  • Events: 
  • Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare: 
By getting a RahmanIsm Live id, you will get all these free Windows Live services .Once you made a Live id,click here to get Windows Live Software