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jodhaa akbar  Background Score (BGM)
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    • specification : MP3 |  128kbps |  quality : medium | Voiceless: YES
    • Ripped from : original DVD | Tracks : 43 | Size : 44MB
ripped from original 2-dvd set...but the prob is ripping BGM frm JA is one of d most difficult task as they used so many special effects like elephant sound,sword etc...ripped high quality need special skills..i tried my level best but still i was not able to make it a HQ...i can say 90% tracks r voiceless! but some tracks like jodha-sujamal theme,akbar war theme's volume level was tooo low,so de r some distortion,wen i boost d volume
i hope someone who ripped saathiya,swades BGM ll come with HQ...
and another intersting thing is der s not a single scene without BGM.. everytime some BGM playin backgound with mild sound!