Kristoffer Berntsson's Figure Skating with ar rahman's music

This was Kristoffer's performance of his "Bombay Dreams" and "Warriors of heaven and earth" by A.R. Rahman at 2006 European LP. Despite the mistakes, the artistry of the routine is very innovative and beautiful. It's my favorite long program that Kristoffer has done so far, and my hat goes off to both him and his choreographer for choosing music which no one else had skated to. The broadcast is from J-Sky-Sports.A Must watch video :)


He used the 5 scores from Bombay Dreams and WOHE


  1. Bombay awakes | Bombay Dreams
  2. Ganesh | Bombay Dreams
  3. Closer Than Ever | Bombay Dreams
  4. Dacoit Duel | Warriors of heaven and earth
  5. Blue Light | Warriors of heaven and earth

Looks like he is an arr fan :)


Who is Kristoffer Berntsson ?

Kristoffer Berntsson is a Swedish figure skater. He is the five-time Swedish national champion and the five time Nordic Champion. Berntsson was the first Swede to land a triple Axel.For more info Checkout WIKI

Watch YouTube Video | Kristoffer Berntsson 2006 Europeans LP