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Last Updated : 21-09-2010
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Year : 2008
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Big Band Theme Song – Behind The Story
What is The Big Band?
Quite simply put, The Big Band is a band hunt. However, contrary to the dozens of other ‘talent’ shows out there, The Big Band is focused on providing a credible platform to promote ethnic and contemporary bands in India that create original music.
At the heart of The Big Band is the belief that there is an unbelievable amount of talent available in India that is just waiting to be nurtured, promoted and recognized. In support of this belief, A R Rahman and Phat Phish have come together to create a truly legitimate avenue to foster indigenous musical potential. Phat Phish has launched artists like Rabbi, Avial and Da Saz, and continues to launch an amazing untapped pool of musicians whose sounds resonate regardless of genre or language. A R Rahman needs no introduction as he is the man who single-handedly revolutionized the standards of film music composition in India using elements of folk, sufi, jazz and Indian western classical in a refreshingly new interpretation. Rahman has transcended geographical boundaries, equally successful in the South Indian Film Industry as in Bollywood not to mention international collaborations with luminaries like Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Structured around elimination rounds judged by some of the most respect names in music, each band progressing through the various stages of The Big Band will gain invaluable experience and exposure previously unheard of for original ethnic and contemporary musicians in India. Regardless of whether a band becomes a finalist, the rewards of participation are significant and include experience and maturity in different areas of musicianship be it songwriting, or performance, mentorship from leading music industry luminaries (including Rahman himself), and live shows and televised events that will provide bands with an unparalleled launching pad.

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