AR Rahman's 12 Favorite Songs @ iTunes

Thanks to RahmanFever for Finding this Cool Info
Here's the top 12 favorite list of AR Rahman from iTunes, along with his comments:

Track 01 : 'Cinema Paradiso Love Theme' - "The piano never fails to haunt me... makes me feel that Italy is the most romantic place in the World."

Track 02 : 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)' - "If I ever missed working with any singer from the past, it would be Karen Carpenter... what a voice!"

Track 03 : 'Frozen' - Became a fan of this song after I heard Craig Armstrong's serene and wonderful string arrangement."

Track 04 : 'Bombay Theme' - Originally one of my own compositions for my mentor Mani Ratnam's film Bombay... one of my favorites of my own work." 

Track 05 : Heart, My Life' -"His voice never ceases to amaze me... even after he is gone 

Track 06 : 'I Cried for You' - "One of my current favorites."

Track 07: 'Sandman' - "This is the first song I learned and it introduced me to the world of rock... I was pulled in by some of my seniors to accompany them on keyboard in the 9th grade. Hearing it brings in a nostalgic moment."  

Track 08 :'Ghoomparani' - "Though my own composition, it takes me into the world of the freedom fighter S.C.Bose." 

Track 09 : 'Pray for Me Brother' - "Intentionally simplictic version of this song, it is also my first English song! Compared to many of my other songs, it moves me because of the title when I perform this for my fans and audience 

Track 10 :'Letter from Home' - "If jazz had a heart it is Pat's guitar and his tone... very captivating." 

Track 11 : 'Send In the Clowns'(from "A Little Night Music") - "Ever green Barbara Streisand..."

Track 12: 'Don't Give Up' - "Great writing from Peter! No one expected him to write such a great song about a loser!"