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last updated : 03-01-2010
Year : 2009

Delhi 6 - Music Review
Review by Anurag
usually, i don't review a soundtrack in one hearing. But Delhi 6 was an exception.In the first hearing itself it has got me into it. Rakeysh has exploited Rahman's talent beautifully!I am compelled to listen to it again...but here goes the review-
Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein)-The moment it starts, you are reminded of Alai payuthey raaga in the film. The starting 2 secs are the same. Eventually, you notice ...the rendering is similar to the one we had in RDB. it's a track that you can enjoy with your grandparents!
Arziyan-To start really, this is a 8 min long song. But trust me, you won't realize it! Javed Ali sounds husky and PROPER. Kailash has backed him really well! A song that comes in the league of Khwaja, Piya haji ali, Marhaba Mustapha. The music is contemporary!
Bhor Bhaye- This is a VERY Indian song. Seems like a classical dance song. So, in case you know classical can dance on this one. Not a fusion! Not at all...
Delhi 6-From the singers itself i could make out the genre-Hip hop. But when i heard it wasn't just hip was a mixture of Blue/hip hop. It's got this "yeah" feel. Blaaze sounds the usual....that is ...great! Nice attempt!
Dil Gira Dafatan-Well, the tune wasn't appealing in the first hearing..but i had goosebumps listening to the music. It's progressive!!! I haven't heard progressive from Rahman for a long time! Will definately grow.
Genda Phool-Sounds like a marriage song. But i am sure...the tune is by the other MD and the music is by Rahman. A track which i think i might avoid...don't know.
Hey Kaala Bandar-A beautiful expriment by Rahman. It's absolutely different from all the songs in the album. Made with real precision. And Karthik is exceptional as usual!
Masakali-A rendered version of Ek lo ek muft. a fun-filled song...with supposedly fun filled lyrics. I never thought Mohit Chauhan could sing so well. All kudos go to Rahman!
Noor-Just a dialogue by Amitabh Bachan..(don't forget to listen to the music going on's celestial)
Rehna Tu-Now here we have Rahman singing and not so much of Benny (thank god). This is TYPICAL Rahman. As in, you can EASILY make out it's rahman...not just because it's him singing but also because of the rhythm and the music. This one grows exponentially on the 2nd hearing. I am already done with 5! All in all, surprisingly...i have liked the album in the 1st hearing itself! technically, Rahman is way ahead from what he was in 2008. I would come up with a technical review real soon.
For all those who thought, Rahman has saturated in 2008...I am sorry, but here comes Delhi 6, which i am sure would live in the hearts of all music lovers for time unknown!! Cheers!

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