Ghajini - The Game (PC) 2008

by Roy Daniel D'Silva | Indiafm

Finally the buzz around the release of the latest Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini has just toned down. The film makers were all set to take Indian film making to the next level with a supporting full fledged 3D computer game based on the movie. This brings us to the game that is touted to be the first Indian Action 3D game - which it is not, the first 3D full fledged game made by an Indian Gaming Studio was Bhagat Singh.

The Mission/Storyline
Who is "GHAJINI"? For one man who has nothing left in his life, it is the end of a long road. Sanjay's last memory is the brutal murder of his girlfriend Kalpana and her last whispered word - "Ghajini". Will he find what he is looking for and avenge her murder? Experience the story through the unique perspective of a man who forgets but does not forgive. Experience his panic and paranoia as he comes to grips with his condition and tries to make sense of a world that is rapidly fading. Help him piece together the fragments of his life by sneaking into heavily guarded buildings searching for a reason to go on. Join him as he fights against those who have taken away his past, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Find out what lies at the end of that road.

Sanjay is the protagonist of the game. His girlfriend Kalpana has been murdered by someone powerful who is trying to bury the truth. After an injury to the head, he developed a form of short term memory loss where he can't form any new memories. His last memory is the word "Ghajini" from his dying girlfriend's lips. Now his mission is to find out what that word means.

The artwork is dark and crisp, totally relevant to the concept of the movie. The artwork will remind players of the artwork found in comic books by Indrajal, like Bahadur, of course, we would have to be in the age range of 25-30 to have this connect.

User Interface/Controls
The user interface is pretty bland and commonplace, with players provided with just the health bar and the inventory bar. What this game seriously lacks is a map, especially in the beginning levels, where the main protagonist has to move stealthily from corner to corner.

The gameplay is quite engaging and engrossing, but because of the insane difficulty that is Ghajini - The Game, it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth at the end of it. The game designers should understand that there is a very low pixel count between engrossing and frustrating and this game diddle daddles around that count.
What Does the Game Lack, anyway?
The game lacks ingame options like Save and Quick Save, which does not make any sense in 2008, we all have good enough virtual memory to run ten softwares together, forget saving games whenever we want.
Also, the game sleeve is quite harsh about the minimum requirements and system requirements, but the end product seems like its just dusting the resources of your NVIDIA 7 or 8 series. We did not get the NVIDIA 8 series to see a low polygon bush without bump mapping or a torchlight that looks like a bouquet of flowers - sorry, but its just not done.
The events and puzzles in the game will again remind players of several games that they have been playing, so simply put, there is no WOW factor in the gameplay for this one.

To be very frank, it may seem that the Team A was sent to 'tackle' the characters and Team B was sent to 'take care' of the scenario and other backgrounds. Everyone, from the main protagonist to the cops is well made and is detailed out. If you find yourself saying 'bribe the cop and get out', you know that the character artists have won the day!
Make no mistake about it, Aamir Khan has give it all to his (first?) voice over assignment, but we have heard better, and that's his problem. Aamir Khan tries and succeeds in inducing the pathos of a 'wronged person', but its Mother Nature that plots against him when it comes to his voice in the game. Our ears are more trained to hear the baritonish voice of Hugh Jackman, or the gruff voice of Bruce Willis, or the cent percent baritone of Amitabh Bachchan as that of the 'wronged one' and the 'against the system' guy.
Excluding that, the game is almost stunning in terms of sound. All voice-overs are perfectly done. The background music is another highpoint of the game. However, with such a great music score, we'd like the background music to be more prominent in the game.
Fun Factor (1/5)
Would you have fun playing this game? Frankly speaking, the game is very tough. Of course, if you have liked the movie and you treat the game as just a add-on to the movie

Overall (1/5)
Yes, we will find ourselves saying that we should not compare Ghajini with the other games, but it is time for Indian Gaming Studios to wake up and smell the coffee. We came in the race very late, but that does not mean that they can get away with such unpardonable acts like Ghajini - the Game.

Minimum System Requirements >
  • Windows* XP SP2 with admin rights*
  • Intel* Pentium* 4 2.4 GHz+ or equivalent 1 GB RAM
  • Intel* G965**, NVIDIA Geforce* 6600 or ATI Radeon* X800 With 256 MB Video Memory
  • 1 GB Free Hard Drive Space
  • OpenAL / DirectX* 9.0c compliant Audio

* Compatible with Windows Vista
** Compatible with Intel Integrated Graphics Chipset G965 and above (may require additional RAM for Shared Video Memory)
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