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Last Updated : 07-01-2010
Category : Special
Year : 2009
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Posted by Raghav | ARR Orkut Community
This magazine took its shape from the heart and soul of true rahmaniacs and is dedicated exclusively to A.R.Rahman on his 43rd birthday and ofcourse to rahmaniacs.
This magazine throws light on the western journey of the ARR's music and how he captivates the pulse of those audience without losing the sensuality in his music like ever. His music proved that even western people are ready to hear the Indian sound.
Coming to the origin of this magazine, our dear brother Sathya wanted to present a seminar on the International expeditions of A.R.Rahman and that's how the article took its birth. Once its completed, we planned to make it more conjuring to the readers and now we are here with this glitzy shaped magazine done in the magical hands of Sathya.
Credits >
  • Producer : Sathya
  • Authored by : Raghav
  • Music & Inspiration of the plot : A.R.Rahman
  • Story : Sathya
  • Conceived and Directed by : Raghav
  • Designs : Sathya
  • Special Effects and Visualisations : Sathya
  • Idea Inputs : Raghav
  • Description authored by : Sameira
  • Edited and Supervised by : Raghav
  • Promo Designed by : Santosh
  • Title Credits : Raghav, Sathya, Krishnan
  • Promotion Works Supervised by : Mukul, Santosh
  • Published by : Rahmanism.com

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