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News : AR Rahman's fans maybe raving about the 'Slumdog Millionaire' soundtrack, but that hasn't stopped Rahman from being criticised. For ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Rahman's music is not 'real music'; and he has challenged the Oscar nominated music composer to sing ghazals.
Jagjit Singh accused Rahman of copying western tunes and giving an Indian touch to them. He also went on to criticize Gulzar for writing such lyrics and said that a man from such literary background should not write such ordinary songs. Well one Golden Globe Award and three Oscar nominations does not seem to have impress Jagjit Singh of Rahman's talent. Wonder what if Rahman challenges him to compose contemporary Bollywood music.
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What you think Guys? I think AR already composed some form of Ghazals. May be it doesnt sound like a Ghazal.For example Nahin Samne, then there is some songs in Tehzeeb .Aah , how can i forget "Pookkodiyin" song from Maniratnam's 'Iruvar'. A Pure Ghazal number.
Mr.Jagjit Singh, with all respects ,shut your...