Listen Ghaijini (2008) BGM - Voiceless Background Score

Ghajini BGM – Tracklist
Quality : High | mp3 @128kbps + AC3 @ 448kbps 5.1 Channel DTS) | Voiceless | DVD-Rip
Ripped and Edited by : Rahmanism
  1. Ghajini_Theme
  2. Sanjay_Intro
  3. Guzarish_Theme_1
  4. Guzarish_Theme_2
  5. Guzarish_Poem_ft.Aamir (New)
  6. Sanjay_Fun_Theme.
  7. Kalapana_Theme
  8. Kalpana_Madam
  9. Kalpana_Fun_Theme
  10. Duplicate_Sanjay
  11. Boyfriend
  12. Party
  13. I_Love_You
  14. Behka_Theme
  15. Kaise_Mujhe_Theme
  16. They_Killed_Her
  17. Sunita_Theme
  18. Run_ft.Yogi_B (download)
  19. Gift
  20. Sanjay_at_Ghajinis_House
  21. Sunita_at_Sanjays_Flat
  22. Fight_at_Parking_Lot
  23. Fight_at_Mall
  24. Fight_Theme_1
  25. Fight_Theme_2
  26. Fight_Theme_3
  27. Fight_Theme_4
  28. Kill_him.
  29. Following
  30. Hostel
  31. Two_Missing
  32. Kalpana_Murdered
  33. Police_Officer_Theme
  34. Favor
  35. TV_Ads
hi guys, first i want to say sorry...coz ,when i watched Ghajini, i felt ar rahman gave an average BGM ..but i was totally wrong...just listen to this BGM! its simply gr8...also watch video with Ghajini Theme BGM bit..
My Personal favorites are
  • Ghajini Theme music – Awesome theme.Most favorite track from Movie…i tried my level best to avoid special effects.When i heard this theme ,i felt tseries must release BGM Cd or atleast this theme with audio CD..what a theme
  • Sanjay Intro – nice intro music. it used in many places so i compiled all together
  • Guzarish Theme 1 – My second favorite track.. some variation from original version + there is a tabla mix track
  • Guzarish Poem – Poem rendered by Aamir..u can hear sonu’s backing vocal..but i didnt recognize the first vocal it Benny?
  • Kalapana Theme – Prelude to Behka song… i love this slow version than original one!
  • Kalapna Madam – i didnt like aye bachchu song but this track is amazing..same tune but different instruments..mainly flute…you’ll love this track.. mixed the track for best listening experience.
  • Run ft. Yogi B – is it really Yogi? i think so… again mixed the track to make more like a song than bit!
  • Behka Theme – this is ar rahman for you! same tune which made you dance ,now make you cry!
  • They Killed Her – Any one know about singer?
  • Sunita Theme – My third favorite! again mixed to make track lengthier!
  • Kalapana Murdered – it took too much time to rip and mix this track..tried copy pasting to make this track more listenable!Perfect BGM! Hats of AR!
  • Fight Theme 1 and 4 – If you are fan of ARR’s orchestral arrangements,then try this tracks! Amazing orchestration! i can say,Fight Theme 4 can be used in any Hollywood movie…it has an international appeal! (Fight Theme 1 is used as main BGM,but it was difficult to rip without Special effects..i tried to mix bits from here and there, to make it less noisy)