Interviews | Gokulam Kadhir Magazine 2009

( Interview of ARR which featured in this week " Gokulam Kadhir Magazine" Tamil Magazine )
Transcript by Vithur :
" Today's World Renowned Allah Rakka Rahman is the same Dileep Kumar who couldnt continue with his studies in his Tenth Standard. He has attracted the full world because of his music. A Special Interview with him”

Were you able to achieve such heights, because , you converted to Islam ?
I think I could achieve this because of continous hard work, the passion towards music and God's Grace. There are so many people who are behind this succcess and they are
  1. Mellisai Mannar M.S. Viswanathan
  2. Isai Gnani Illayaraja
  3. Zakir Hussain
  4. Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan
  5. Ramesh Naidu
These people have already put me in the Ladder. There is no connection between Human success and Change in religion.
What have you learnt in your journey of life ?
All my life, I had spent it between Love and Hatred. All the time, I was fighting between these two. I chose the Path of Love and I am in front of you.
What is the role of your religion in Music ?
I am a Sufi Muslim. Art is important for Society. I am using Music to bring out some good feelings in the same. I dont accept some movies. The Reason is I dont want to spread religion through movies.
What else do you like apart from Music ?
Photography. I have recently bought a new camera. I have to start learning it. I desire to take snaps of my children in different angles and feel happy.
Why did you stop your schooling at Tenth Standard ?
I repented and felt for the same for 10 long years. Then, I stopped feeling about the same. Einstein once said, "It is this Education that stops us from learning". Such an Education sometimes halts our Creativity. Thats the reason I believe that its good that I couldnt complete the Formal Education.
How is Rahman at home ?
Apart from composing music, I dont have much time left even to spend it with my children. They get lot of compassion and pamperings from me. But my wife is very strict and they fear her
Why is there no Information available about your Family Members ?
I lost my freedom after I became famous. Let them atleast enjoy the freedom that they have!!!
You could have spoken about the Problems faced by Sri Lankan Tamils in the Oscars Stage !!! ?
It is the stage to felicitate artists from the entertainment and Art Industry. There is no room for politics there and thats the reason I didnt want to talk about anything else. But, I cant tolerate the pains underwent by them at any instance.
What is the happening which made you happy after winning the Oscars ?
Director Danny Boyle had made the children of the Slums of Mumbai to act in the movie " Slumdog Millionaire". They got red Carpet welcome in the US. That happening excited me a lot. A lot of other people have also come forward to start helping them.
What did you do with all the prizes that you received ?
Whosoever gave me Flower Bouquets, I accepted the same with Love. Whosoever gave me " Champaigne' Bottles, I returned the same to them.
Can you say one word on Maniratnam and Illayaraja ?
The former is a person who doesnt talk much, but made everyone look at him with awe. The latter captured the hearts of everyone through his music.
Many of your dreams got fulfilled. What else is left out ?
I would like to create a Music Program with World Class Standards. It would be like " Sydney Opera House" and the participants would be Indians. We , Indians have all the talent in us to exhibit the same. With God's Grace, all of this will happen. "
All Praises to God Alone"