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Cashing in on the success of A R Rahman's 'Jai Ho' number at the Oscars, the Congress has decided to use the song exclusively during its election campaign. The party bought the rights of the song from Slumdog Millionaire, which went on to win eight Oscars, from music company T-series. The film, which showcases life in Mumbai slums and how one of the dwellers becomes a millionaire, has 'Jai Ho' as its theme song. Music composer A R Rahman, got the first ever Oscar for a Hindi number for the song.
They released first version of song with video.But to be frank, they destroyed the beauty of song.Now they are working on Jai Ho version 2 which sung by Sukhwinder himself.The video will be released next week
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28 March 2009 : BJP has launched a video titled Bhay Ho to counter the Jai Ho campaign of Congress. The song is as follows "Bhay ho.... bhook ho.... Antak ho.... Mahangayi ho.... phir bhi jai ho," The song features street children singing the song in the general compartment of a train and a stranger planting a bomb in the railway coach. Funny!

but i am afraid ,the real status of the song jai ho is getting compromised.If this thing continue, another party will comeup with another ‘Ho’… Grow up people!
I am borrowing a comment from Raghav “we all know....if u drag anything into the political arena, irrespective of whatever greatness it has got behind its back, its definitely gonna be spoiled....It might be any it jai ho or varun gandhi or lok satta or etc etc..... the same thing is jus about to happen for "Jai Ho" people are saying "Bhay Ho"...2maro someone may say some other weird rhymo....who knows
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