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Jai Ho Concerts – Calicut 2009
Last Updated : 27-05-2010
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Year : 2009

A R Rahman Jai Ho Concert 2009
Venue : Kozhikode Corporation Stadium | Date : 03 May 2009 | Time and Duration : 08:00 PM – 11:00 PM
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Jai Ho Concerts – Calicut 2009 – Downloads
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mobile recording by Sanju
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O Saya >
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Jai Ho Concerts – Calicut 2009 – Listen mp3 Songs
Tracklist >
  1. Welcome speech by Saynora with Shano Shano (Yuvvraaj) in background
  2. Mausam and escape (slumdog millionaire)– intro it didnt appeal the audience much ..i think its Asad on sitar!
  3. O saya (slumdog millionaire)(A R Rahman,Tanvi n chorus)
  4. Athiradi (Sivaji) (A R Rahman, sayanora)
  5. Padakaali (yodha)-( rahmanji started off..then george peter and benny dayal..worst of the show!)
  6. Tu muskura (Yuvvraaj)(beautiful take off by naveen in flute, sung by sadhana sargam..entirely new orchestration
  7. Roja janeman (Roja)( sadhana sargam. hariharan…mixed tamil and hindi versions)
  8. Masakali (Delhi 6)(raja hasan…keyboard performed by Stephan Devassy)
  9. Jiya se jiya (Connections)(ar rahman)
  10. Oru koodai (Sivaji)(Blaaze)
  11. Liquid dance (slumdog millionaire) (Cinematic Dance) (Recorded)
  12. Guzarish (Ghajini)(javed Ali)
  13. Netru illatha (Pudhiya Mugham)(K.S.Chitra)
  14. Malargale (Love Birds)(Chitra n Hariharan)
  15. Kabhi kabhi (Jaane Tu)(rashid ali) with a beautiful engish song bit in prelude
  16. Rehna Tu (Delhi 6)(A R Rahman)….fingerboard continnum sound hummed by ARR himself…beautiful humming
  17. Ringa Ringa (slumdog millionaire)(synora and beautiful Neeti mohan
  18. Gangsta Blues (slumdog millionaire) by Blaaze
  19. New (New) – Blaaze
  20. Kaalabhander (Delhi 6) (Blaze n Benny dhayal)
  21. Aseemansha shahasha,rukmani and veerapandi medley (Jodhaa Akbar,Roja,Thiruda Thiruda) (A R Rahman)
  22. Latika's theme (slumdog millionaire) by (?)
  23. Kwaja ji (Jodhaa Akbar) (ar rahman)
  24. Arziyan (Delhi 6)(Javed ali, raja,mohd aslam n ar rahman)
  25. Manassu manassinte (music by arr’s father late RK Shekar)by KS Chitra | this song was a malayalam song which is fav of Rahmanji's father and rahmanji himself. His sis Rehana talked a little bout their father and dedicated that song to him.
  26. Kannalane (Bombay) (chitra) (chitra was out of tempo :(
  27. Aye hairathe (Guru) ( rahman n sadhana sargam
  28. Vaaji vaaji (Sivaji) ( hariharan n sadhana sargam)
  29. Mustafa mustafa (Kadhal Desam) (rahman) (first guitar sequence was played by Sanjeev(?) upon a crane)….whole stadium sang along wid arr….best of the show!
  30. Dhakalakkabukka (Yuva) – AR Rahman
  31. pappu cant dance (Jaane Tu) - ar rahman,benny dayal,blaaze n chorus
  32. Aye Bachu (suzzaine)
  33. Urvasi urvasi(ar rahman) a part of the song only (bt rahman missed lyrics and skipped some parts)
  34. Taxi taxi( benny dhayal,Blaze,Vivian Chaix n ar rahman)..
  35. Antha arabikadaloram(started off with taal se taal western beats and then a mind blowin abrupt switch to the intro bgm of arabikadaloram)..another best track!
  36. Jai ho (slumdog millionaire) n Vande matharam
Credits >
  • Male Singers : A R Rahman,Hariharan,Javed Ali,Rashid Ali,Raja Hasan,Benny Dayal,Mohd Aslam,Goerge Peters and Blaaze (i cant recognize one backing male singer)
  • Female Singers : Chitra,Sadhna Sargam,Suzzanne,Vivian Chaix, Neeti Mohan,Saynora,Raihana,Tanvi
  • Instrumentalist :
  • Naveen - flute
  • keith peters,Rashid Ali and Sanjeev - guitar
  • Stephan Devassy - keyboard
  • Unknown – DJ
  • Unknown – Tabla
  • Asad – Sitar
  • Raja (?) - Percussions
Jai Ho Concerts – Calicut 2009 – Watch Videos
Watch YouTube Video | O Saya - Jai Ho Calicut Show - Asianet TV

Jai Ho Concerts – Calicut 2009 – Behind The Story
There was some sound problem during first set of songs.but it was second half of concert which rocked.especially musthafa,pappu cant dance and humma.Hariharan rocked the night!But we missed sivamani!
Visual effects was superb but sound quality was not upto the mark.may be because its an open stage.Nearly 40000 people witnessed the mega concert!
there was many hypes like this is the only concert in India for next 5 years. but that is not true.There is a concert in Pune in 2-3 months 

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