Team RahmanISM :)

Hi All,

I am Serjas.Some of you may know me.Anyway i love to announce that Today (24th July) is’s 3rd Birthday! a Successful 3 years!

Why I started this blog? Before answering this question let me introduce you one of the craziest fan, yeah its me only! I always wanted each and every tracks produced by ar rahman even if its not upto arr standards! I got full time access to internet in 2005 only and the first thing i have done was downloading those tv ads,bgms and rare unreleased mp3s! But it took almost 1 year to complete my collection.But i succeeded :)

So The reason was, ofcourse me a big ar rahman fan and also at that time there were no site which contain all these rare works of ar rahman.So i just put all those rare tracks in rahmanism.But there were not much activity during initial days.Template design was bad. During that days I was only into rare songs and TV Ads.In 2008 we introduced many new sections like news, promos, videos, Instrumentals, Karaoke etc.So The Real Rahmanism launched in 2008 with tag BETA 1.0

Two years ago (24th July 2007) when i started this blog,i never expected this much popularity.Till today rahmanism got nearly 16 lakh unique visitors and nearly 43 lakh page views.Moreover Alexa ranking and Google page rank are 24,000 (India) and 4 respectively, not bad for an amature blog (i think :) !

But still this blog is in beta stage however advanced to BETA 4.0..there are so much to explore! Now i am working on a brand new site which offers fully user interactive functions.Hope we can launch new site within couple of months :)

In this special occasion i would like to reveal the ‘The Team Rahmanism’. May be you know most of us but still i am writing all names associated with rahmanism.More names to be added. Sorry If I missed out someone..

Thanks to AR Rahman and above all Thanks to Allah!

- Serjas Mohd -
 The Team Rahmanism
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