Stories | Vinnai Thaandi Vanthaachu!

Posted By Aravind Lr
Yet another ARR release. Yet another album that was very much hyped. Yet another album whose release was delayed due to reasons that will never be known. Yet another time where ppl set high expectations. Yet another time when Facebook and Orkut status messages were filled with VTV reviews. And yet another instance where my Media player playlist has been on repeat mode for 3 consecutive days!
People say every ARR album is different from the other. Partially incorrect I would say. Every album goes into the repeat mode in my playlist. Every album has high expectations. Every album is highly scrutinized by critics initially. And eventually, every album proves the critics wrong! This album is no different to the others in any way.
One crazy phenomenon I have noticed with every ARR release is this. Most of the ppl complain of the album as unimpressive and not catchy. But, a week or two later, they realize they were wrong.

I still remember one of my friends telling me ‘Maula Maula’ from Delhi 6 was BORING and Yaar mila tha from Blue was ORDINARY! But now, I guess, those are the only Hindi songs he listens to all the time!! May be every tune that resonates from the Maestro’s keyboard is destined to be damned initially! So to the guys, who are already addicted to the album, you must be extreme Rahmaniacs, I am sure.
To the guys who have started liking the album, you guys are on the right track. To the guys, who feel VTV is not all that great, you too are on the right track, Just wait a little longer!
As I type Goodbye, I can hear Hosanna playing in my roomie’s laptop for the past 20 mins. Worth noting- He did not like the song earlier and he felt he had listened to a similar kind of song elsewhere. But now i guess he s in luv with it! That’s ARR for you. His Music draws you toward it, sinks in slowly into your soul and once it sinks in, it lives with you forever!
Disclaimer: I am no advertiser of Sony Music. I am no deputy of ARR. I am no agent of the film producers. I am just a lover of Music. Music called A.R.Rahman!