Birthday - 2010 | 44th Birthday Ceebrations - Wish A R Rahman a happy birthday :)


Birth name : A. S. Dileep Kumar
Also known as : A. R. Rahman, ARR, AR
Born : January 6, 1966 (age 44) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Drawing by Amit Bhokase 
AR Rahman’s 44th Birthday
 Posted by Sasi Rahmaniac | ARR Orkut Community >
first of all when we look into AR.Rahman ji's life in cine field it has three stages..In all the three stages he succeded in the first step itself proving the proverb"Failure is the stepping stone to success" a false one.. He dint face any failures itselF.. For example let us take three most popular cine field around the world.. As Rahman belongs to TN i would like to consider Tamil film industries too

  • Tamil Film Industry

  • Hindi Film Industry

  • Hollywood
First step >
Entering the Tamil with a bang.. The first film Roja brought him one of the prestigious national award
Second step > 
Then he moves on to Hindi.. I hope i dont want to explain that to north indians.. Because themselves know that... Rangeela considered to be one of the best musical film by AR.Rahman ji..
Third step >
ha ha ha.. The world knows about it... Oscar deserves Rahman ji.. Like this he has been one among the finest musicial the World has ever witnessed.. so, in this forum as a die hard fan of AR.Rahman.. i would like to wish all the very best for his success..
I dont have age or a drop of talent to wish the God of music.. But as one of the Rahmaniac i would like to see his success every time.. The matter doesnt ends here! Here i go, AR.Rahman jan 6, the day when the god of music disguised himself as a human being reached the Earth.. He destroys the sin of 1000s of people through his divine music..
so i would like to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. also i request all the Rahmaniacs to wish him in this forum n with ur message.. also Dnt forget to write ur name.. Once again "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" RAHMAN JI....