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Year : 1999

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Thakshak - Details
  • Thakshak (Hindi: तक्षक) is a 1999 action-drama Hindi film written and directed by director Govind Nihalani
  • The composition of the song "Jumblaka" was reused from A. R. Rahman's earlier work for a Tamil film En Swasa Kaatre
  • For the 2001 Tamil movie Star, Rahman re-used most of his compositions from Thakshak for the soundtrack.
  • The popular song Rang De from the album was used in a hollywood film The Accidental Husband.
  • This movie was touted as Govind Nihalani's attempt at making popular cinema.
  • The film was not well received both by critics and audiences. The lack of gripping screenplay and predictable storyline were claimed to be some of the weak points of the movie.
  • The performance by the lead actors was appreciated. According to critics, Rahul Bose's depiction of a violent, reckless mafia heir bonding with Ajay Devgan's portrayal of a strong, silent man was one of the highlights of the movie
Thakshak - Cast and Crew

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