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Enthiran – The Robot
Last Updated : 31-07-2010
Year : 2010

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Enthiran – The Robot – Tamil -Music Review – At time of music release
Reviewed by Rahmanism
  1. Puthiya Manidha – Sung by SPB and accompanied by Khadeeja Rahman( ARR’s daughter) and ARR himself
    • UPs
      • Something unexpected from AR Rahman (of course, in a good way) for a movie which have Rajni Kanth and Shankar.
      • Nice rendition by both SPB and Khadeeja. i loved the chorus part (puthiya manidhan part) most
      • 90’s ARR is back :) I am addicted to this song now …dont miss this song!
    • DOWNs
      • i think this is an experimental track… so not sure how massive it’ll become :)
    • My Rating : 5/5
  2. Kadhal Anukkal – sung by Vijay Prakash and Shreay Ghosal
    • UPs
      • My third favorite..nice rendition by Vijay parakash..Vijay is too good in this song
      • Second interlude is my favorite..
    • DOWNs
      • Shreya sounds usual..nothing special..
    • My Rating : 4/5
  3. Irumbile Oru Hridhayam – sung by AR Rahman – Rap by Kash n Krissy
    • UPs
      • Its a kind of song which AR rahman never tried before especially by singing..
      • Starting slightly remind me ‘Fanaa’ track from Yuva..but ‘Irumbhil’ is more fun song than ‘Fanaa’ (but ‘fanaa’ is far better than this track’)
    • DOWNs
      • At some points it remind me ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ especially the interlude rap part!
    • My Rating : 3/5
  4. Chitti Dance Showcase – sung by pradeep vijay,praveen mani and yogi B
    • UPs
      • Another ‘Liquid Dance’ type song
    • DOWNs
      • ARR done better instrumental than this..
    • My Rating : 2/5
  5. Arima Arima – sung by Hariharan and sadhana sargam
    • UPs
      • Everything in this song is just amazing, be it hariharan or sadhana or powerful chorus and background music… Again 90’s ARR for you :)
      • My second favorite…starting trumpets sound is just amazing
    • DOWNs
      • Nothing…………..
    • My Rating : 4.5/5
  6. Kilimanjaro – sung by Chinmayi and Javed Ali
    • UPs
      • This was the track which leaked in YouTube some months back. Shot in Peru..
      • Again 90’s ARR touch… be it rahmanisq beats, or the weird sound and vocal…
      • Loved the arrangements and vocal especially chinamyee’s funny rendition :) ..
      • and dont miss the old arr style interludes ..especially second interlude
    • DOWNs
      • Lengthier….It may be sound better if its just 3 min..
    • MY Rating : 3/5
  7. Boom Boom Robot Da sung by Yogi B, kirthi,swetha,tanvi
    • UPs
      • Average song..mmm
    • DOWNs
      • Yogi B is just wasted… i dont know why he sound soft…i always loved his louder rendition..thats what made him popular..that Yogi B is missing in this song.
      • contains samples from ‘thigu thigu’ from ‘Aah Aah’, but original is far better
    • My Rating : 2/5

Enthiran – The Robot – Tamil - Music Review – After movie release
  • Review will come soon after movie release

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