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Year : 2000

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Rythm – Details
  • Rhythm is a 2000 released Tamil film
  • Cinematography is by P.S. Vinod and Arthur A. Wilson.
  • The film was released in August 2000 in India and worldwide.
  • Based on the real events which widowed people face while setting a steady course for their lives, the movie threads along the thin line between arthouse and commercial cinema. Rhythm follows the time-tested unusual love story formula, but succeeds in keeping the audience from realizing it. A good measure of its success lies with the astoundingly low-key emotional performances, brilliant music score and cinematography.
  • Originally announced with pre release stills in websites in early 1997, the movie was 3 years in the making, considered to be a fairly long production time in the Indian film industry.
  • The soundtrack of this movie, to be done by ace music composer AR Rahman was hyped about as being unique, different and novel based on the 5 elements of nature.
  • In addition to the music, the cast of the movie included two reigning lead stars of Tamil cinema of the 1990s Arjun and Meena and their director Vasanth whom also carved a niche for himself in the cinema world known for off-beat, character-based storylines at the time.
  • The title branding of the movie was another contributing factor to the fan hype on the net projecting it to be a novel "musical based love story" by avid fans of AR Rahman.
  • Though bits of news about the movie were released over time in entertainment magazines and tabloids, much of its production was generally low profile.
  • At some point due to the long delay in its release, unconfirmed news was circulating that production has been shelved due to financial contraints.
  • The soundtrack features 5 songs composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics by Vairamuthu. The songs were inspired by the elements of the world.
  • The soundtrack was well received by music fans upon its initial release and has been hailed as an ingenious piece of work by A. R. Rahman and appeared in the list of top selling soundtracks in its opening week.
  • The film background score also done by A. R. Rahman manages to seamlessly flow into the story and draws the viewer into the scene.
  • The soundtrack has been acknowledged as one of A. R. Rahman's best works.
  • Three songs were later reused in a bollywood movie Lakeer – Forbidden Lines (2004).
  • Actor Arjun primarily known for action roles had attempted a totally off beat role in this film and probably the only one which showed him in a restrained performance.
  • A lot of care had gone into Meena’s make-up and acting in this film.
  • Actor Arjun having played a news reporter in "Mudhalvan", a smash hit thriller, repeated a similar role as a photo journalist in this film a year later.
  • Arjun and Meena came together for a 2nd time in this film. Both last appeared together in lead roles in 1994.
  • A. R. Rahman and Vasanth came together for the first time in this film.
  • The film was dubbed into Telugu as Rhythm and was recognized only due to its music by A.R. Rahman
Rythm – Cast and Crew

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