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Shakthi Foundation Special Film
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Year : 2004
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A.R.Rahman has scored the background music for a short film directed by Mani Ratnam featuring sachin tendulkar, for the Shakthi Foundation which works for the rights of the physically challenged.

I have seen the video in SS Music.Nothing Special but still any of you got the video ,please share here :)
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Shakthi Foundation Special Film – Behind The Story
CHENNAI, Oct 11:

Ace batsman Sachin Tendulkar will take part in the shooting of a documentary film, scripted and directed by Mani Ratnam, here on Tuesday to promote the cause of physically challenged persons.

The film, being made for city-based Shakthi Foundation which works for the cause of physically challenged and underprivileged sections, seeks to sensitize people on the issue of providing ramps in public places to ensure a barrier-free environment for physically challenged persons.

"Seeing the struggle of a child in a wheelchair devoid of movement left an impact in my mind, which propelled me to want to form a human network strong enough to lobby for ramps," Tendulkar said in a message.

The batting maestro also appealed to fellow citizens to support the foundation in its efforts to help more children come out and live a quality life.

The batsman, recuperating from a tennis elbow, will be here in the city for the second Test match between India and Australia starting on Thursday.

Tendulkar, along with the other members of the Indian team, had mingled with over 100 physically challenged persons here in August last.

Vasanth Raghuvir, the woman behind the foundation, told PTI that the Persons With Disability Act made it mandatory for public places such as shopping malls and hotels to have ramp facility. But only 47 buildings in the city had ramps.

She said the Tamil Nadu Government had been helpful in this regard

Seems like Mani Ratnam wished Sachin to be a part of this documentary and Sachin had agreed instantly. On Tuesday, the master batsman took some time off from his schedule in Chennai, where India will meet Australia in the second Test match from October 14, to act in a TV campaign directed by Mr. Mani Ratnam. The shooting took place at the Nungambakkam Tennis Stadium. International wheelchair tennis champion, Boniface Prabhu, from Bangalore was also present.

In the film, Mr. Tendulkar speaks out on the need for ramps for the handicapped. "Give the champion what he deserves," he says, as he helps a wheelchair-bound tennis champion receive his trophy. The winner was not able to get his wheelchair on the podium.

Mr. Mani Ratnam told some of the onlookers after the shoot that Mr. Tendulkar was pretty good at facing the camera. "He was able to complete most shots in a few attempts.

With the stadium locked up during the shoot, a few students climbed the compound wall to catch a glimpse of Mr. Tendulkar. Students of a nearby government school were waiting by the gate. When he left the venue after the shoot, Mr. Tendulkar waved to them and was greeted with cheers.

Letter to Foundation

In a letter to the Shakti Foundation, Mr. Tendulkar recalled that he once saw a child confined to a wheelchair. "A thought process was stirred in my mind as to how important access and barrier-free environment is. How does one who cannot walk, see or has mobility problem enter a building where there are steps?

Seeing the struggle left an impact on my mind, which propelled me to want to form a human network strong enough to lobby for ramps." He congratulated the foundation on its fundraiser and rounded off with the question: "Could we please give ramps serious thought?"

A mother's gratitude

Vasanth Raghuvir, mother of the Shakti Foundation's founder, Velan Raghuvir, was in tears, describing the "spontaneous" gesture by Mr. Tendulkar, Mr. Mani Ratnam and Mr. Boniface Prabhu. "They are all celebrities in their own right. I am really moved that Sachin was able to spend four hours for the shooting. I am glad he feels so much for the cause," she said.

Ms. Raghuvir said she lost her son, who was physically challenged. He was not able to realise his dreams.
"He was so full of life... I only hope that no other physically challenged child faces the troubles that he faced," she said.

Mr. Boniface Prabhu, who recently inaugurated a wheelchair tennis academy in Bangalore, said ramps were most important in schools, colleges and places of worship.

"I had to give up my dream of becoming a doctor because none of the colleges I applied to even wanted to enrol me. They were not prepared to shift all the classes to the groundfloor for just one student."

Leg spinner Anil Kumble appeared in a campaign earlier for the Shakti Foundation.

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