Stories - AR Rahman never said CWG Theme song will be better than Shakira's Waka Waka!

Ever since the release of Commonwealth Game Theme Song (aka CWG Theme song) , people are comparing it with 'waka waka'. and all this because of some stupid reporter!

Watch this video and if you find out that ar saying his song will be better than waka waka, you will get AR Rahman's Audio CD :P (its just a not joking..seriously)

Grrrr... Yeah, CWG theme song may not be best of AR..but certainly its not worst!

Many music directors pouring negative comments including Louis Bank,Abhijeet and latest one in this list is our own Sukhwinder Singh!!!

and remember when jai ho released he was saying "its not arr's best, he could have been made it better(sukhwinder said this! and now he is saying "Whenever Rahman won a major award, there was a teamwork that supported his endeavour. There was poetic excellence and singers' contribution, which added life to his music. Usse Gulzar saab ki yaad kyun nahin aayi? After all, Jai Ho was his poetic contribution!") 

"if you are truly inspired, it takes ten minutes to compose a tune. Given that it took him six months to compose it, something must have gone wrong somewhere! – Louis Banks"

i m borowin one rahmaniacs words "that louis Banks had have so many "10 minutes" in his life .... and count how many score he has composed so far..."

Why isn't anyone enquiring about 5 crore being spent on the song? I think just because it has Rahman, it has been hyped up. I'm sure people have not even heard the song, but are still commenting. Moreover, there are so many talented singers in our country, and with 5 crore, we could have got some of the best 10-15 artistes to do the theme song. When they can yell in the Parliament for the quality of the games, why don't people have a right to raise their voice if they don't like the song? – Abhijeet

Ha Ha... Mr. are jealous! you really are jealous of Sonu Nigam, your jealous of Aatif are jealous of every single person who involved in music! you have great voice man..why not using it for some songs... we are listening your @#$!%^^ than your songs these days..

Sometime back, I read Rahman's interview where he said that 'the CWG theme song would be better than Shakira's Waka Waka!' I had wondered then if this is really the Rahman that I've known, who was very humble and would never praise his own creations so blatantly. At that time I felt that Rahman's become overconfident because a genius never speaks, only his work does the talking!" - Sukhwinder Singh
Hey Mr.sukhi, better watch above video first then comment..Ar never said anything like that..he never said (say) his songs are better than shakira's. you knew him for long time (now i think we fans know him better than you)