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Jhootha Hi Sahi - Hindi
Last Updated : 22-01-2011
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Year : 2010


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Jhootha Hi Sahi BGM – Tracklist
  1. Maiyya Yashoda – Theme Music
  2. Moonlight 
  3. I've been wiaitng - Piano Theme 
  4. Call Me Dil Theme 
  5. and 39 other tracks
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Jhootha Hi Sahi
Posted by AR Rahman

Here is the 'moonlight', with love from all of us to you! No synthesizers, no vocoders, no rhythm machines. Just plain love and acoustic instruments recorded at Capitol Records, L. A. Strings was done in good old Chennai. Composing a song like this was a long time dream. It is the sound of another era where love had... innocence. Hope it inspires you to fall in love again. :-)

Special thanks to Abbas Tyrewala who agreed to release this track specially for you all and I hope you enjoy watching Jhootha Hi Sahi, the movie, releasing on the 22nd of October.

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