AR Rahman playing 'harpejji' in Natgeo Traveller TV

National Geo Traveller video

A.R. Rahman playing the Harpejji from Jessica Sample on Vimeo.

The niceties in an A R Rahman orchestra also depend on the inventive instruments he chooses. The maestro always checks out innovative instruments and breakthrough technologies in music during his tours abroad....

Recently when he was in the US, A R Rahman got himself a specially made instrument called Harpejji. It is a novel keyboard-inspired instrument with the timeless sound of real strings. Harpejji is a tapping instrument which gives out the music of a guitar and piano without strings.

The manufacturing company specially made a Harpejji in record time to present it to A R Rahman. A R Rahman with his Oscars made the company representative visibly exited on his way to deliver the instrument at his place. Checkout video  and audio below :)

In this short documentary piece, inventor Tim Meeks of Marcodi hand-delivers a brand new harpejji k24 to AR at his hotel in New Jersey on September 24, 2010.
It becomes quickly apparent to Tim that AR is a natural on this instrument. Knowing that he wanted his instrument as soon as possible, the burning question is... just what does he plan to do with it?

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Note : This track is created by AR Rahman in some 5 minutes using a new instrument called 'harpejji' ..
AR Rahman on harpejji by
harpejji is a new musical instrument available from Marcodi Musical Products, LLC.