AR Rahman concert at Cine Musician Union Golden Jubilee celebration (2011)

What a Musical Evening!! Absolute Delight to See ARR in the Stage. Smiling like an Innocent Child, and his attire was just awesome!! Felt so happy seeing him perform " Mannipaya" , while the female singer was Harinii!! Wonderful. concert was in Nehru Stadium in celebration of Golden Jubilee Cine Musician Union.

He performed different songs on the Piano. Singers were Unnikrishnan, who sang 1. Uyirum Neeye 2. Ennavale 3. Kaatre Yen Vaasal. and then harini sang 1. Sonnalum 2. Mannipaya Female bit. Jaya TV would be telecasting :) 

Food Distribution today at 11 30 Hrs. All Are welcome.

Jai Jai Ho :)