AR Rahman as ambassador of JBL Audio India - Hear truth campaign 2011

AR Rahman as JBL Audio - Hear the truth campaign's ambassador (India) :) tagged with 'how AR Rahman listens to AR Rahman'.

Note from JBL India : WE ASKED YOU! We asked you who is the greatest Indian musician/composer/music director. You told us. We had no choice, JBL fans.

Ladies and Gentlemen the newest and greatest ever JBL fan is Mr. A.R. Rahman, our new brand ambassador. A marriage of great music, with great sound.Over the coming days we will share pictures and videos and some more exciting information.

About Hear The Truth Campaign - When you're JBL and you're making a commercial, you do it differently. You don't hire actors. You don't write scripts. You don't shoort thirty seconds of imaginative fakery invented in somebody's fancy office.

You just take some cameras and follow guys like AR Rahman around for a while. And you listen to what they have to say. And you love their music. And you hear the truth. :)