Happy Republic Day. Enoy Jagao Mere with English Translation

Happy Republic Day .. Enjoy AR Rahman's Jagao Mere Des Ko based on poem by Rabindranath Tagore .

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Jagao Mere Desh Ko English Translation

Mann me bhay ki boond bhi naa ho (May our mind be without a drop of fear)
Matha uncha lehraye (May our heads be held high)
Gyaan mukt aazaad le saanse (May knowledge breathe free)
Dharti bat na paye (And the earth stay undivided)

Sacch ki kokh se shabd janm le (Let words take birth from the womb of truth)
Karm ki dhaara kal kal (Let our stream of deeds flow)
Bawne registaan cheer de (And tear through the desert)
Nadi vichaar ki dal dal (The quicksand of our habits)

Chauda seena ho abhimaan ka (May our chest swell with pride)
Na ho tukde tukde (May it not break into pieces)
Bhaav surile bandish me ho (May our feelings be full of sweet rhythm)
Aur surile mukhde (And the openings of our songs even sweeter)

Prahaar karo, phir phir prahaar karo (Strike them again and again)
Jagao mere desh ko (Wake up my country)