UU - Rahmanism Contest | Important Notice

hai , i am sorry about this late post! i hwas busy with a marriage function!
Now i want to tell you something about rahmanism contest.We have 181 members now .But 59 of them still not verified their feedburner account.So i am extending the date . I will announce the winner on 15th March 2008. so please do following thing
Those who are still not verified their feedburner account ,please verify before 15th march! If you don't find any verification link just search for feedburner from your mail .If you still cant find links just go to www.rahmanism.com and signup using again. For more help Click here

Those who are verified their account please send following data to [email protected]
  • Your orkut profile Link (Just right click on the your photo on orkut and click "copy link location" or "copy shortcut")
  • Your city name (You don't have to send me the address,only city name)(You know ,only 14 people out of 122 are replied me with this info! So please do this!)

Rahmanism.com | Team