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From the day i started rahmanism, i am getting too many mails asking for some rare ar rahman works... i am tired of explaining that these tracks are not by ar rahman or no way related to ar rahman...
1 - Andhi Maalai/Fantasy/Vaishnavar - All songs are composed by Ousappachan (popular malayalam music director).
ARR connection : AR Rahman (aka dileep) worked as keyboard player for dis album in 1987. He arranged whole songs (just like ranjit barot or praveen mani doing for arr nowadays).Also composed some interludes and some beats.

ARR told in an interview that those days there were 2 people behind every is music director who create tune and other one is arranger.mostly beats and interludes are composed by des arrangers!(this is not in case with ilayaraja,MSV,raveendran n others) we can guess that interludes may be done by arr..
may be dats y dis album got a space in his official website!(coz he worked/arranged many songs during dose days..but none of them are specified and his website!) anyway, i provided downloads for all 3 on title to download
2 - Beauti Palace - don't know who composed d song
ARR connection : no way related to arr
3 - puyal aditha desam : don't know who composed d songs
ARR connection : no way related to arr Behind Story : 1996 : Rahman's popularity touched such heights, that other composers began to cash in, rather innovatively, on his name rather than his music. Many albums like 'Puyal aditha desam' and 'Beauty Palace' which actually had music composed by someone else but was falsely credited to Rahman were released in the market.
Usually such albums had Rahman's photograph splashed across the album cover to draw the attention of buyers. And most people bought such albums without question if they saw the name A. R. Rahman on it. So much so, that the music company Magnasound re-released one of Rahman's first albums 'Set Me Free' under the title 'Shubhaa' without the consent of Rahman, which led to the souring of relations between the two. In its earlier avatar as 'Set Me Free' the focus was on singer Malgudi Shuba and Rahman was a mere footnote as Dileep. But this time around, the spotlight was on Rahman and Shubha was relegated to the background. Magnasound publicised the release as 'Rahman's first international English album'. Hoardings publicizing the album sprung up overnight in major cities.
Rahman was livid. "I'm not ashamed of my old album. Neither am I trying to hide my past," explained the music director. But he wanted the public to know that 'Set Me Free' was a six-year-old album which was done as an experimental venture with singer Shubhaa. Magnasound, he said, was wrong in trying to pass it off as a brand-new album. Magnasound sold 2 lakh copies in no time, an increase of over 10000% in sales since the previous time. But Magnasound's Managing Director Madhav Das was unapologetic about it, "See, we had the rights to the album. And today A.R.Rahman's name is an instant guarantee to success. So, what is wrong in exploiting that?". That summed up the brand equity of the name 'A. R. Rahman'.
4 - Chathurbujam - music composed by Stephan devassi (malayalam composer,amrita TV super star fame)
arr connection :no way related to arr behind story : this time internet played villain..some rippers released this songs with arr's name (same case was there when 'fanaa' was released...all dose pirated cd  credited arr name as composer). may be because, it got an arr style...
5 - sacred chants : don't know d composers name
arr connection :no way related to arr
6 - Maulood : music by some foreign composer (forgot his name ;)
arr connection :no way related to arr.many malayali arr fans still believes its an arr composition.. this track as popular among malayalis..a favorite one in their mobiles ... thanks to Bluetooth ;)
PS : when i heard starting vocal ,me too thought..hey.. its rahman ;)
7 - humdam pyara pyara : sung by udit and kavita from movie 'vishwa vidatha'
arr connection : it featured in ar rahman's 'vishwavidatha(1997)' movie in cd it clearly mentioned dat above track s not composed by arr! (also 2 instrumentals themes) but many still thinks its an arr songs! no.... its not by him, bros :)
8 - EKAM SATYAM (Not confirmed yet)
many believes that Some one has imitated ar rahman and this is not Ekam Satyam song for sure,.this track was out some years i m damn sure ..d singer is arr himself...but I don't know is it original ekam satyam or not,because only rahman's sound is there .also lyrics are similar to vandemataram!May be a raw version of vandemataram or ekam satyam.tune is very new!)
and i got dis comment in rahmanism some months ago "this itself the song..but wasn't the refined version.. confirmed by the Sound Engineer who worked with A R RAHMAN sir.."
in 2008,AR Rahman told in an interview that ekam satyam will release this year.We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that we will get to hear the song soon.
anyway i included this song in rahmanism .Click here to listen