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Last Updated : 14 March 2009 at  11:24 PM(India)
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But you cant get update when an existing page is modified(for eg: BGM Section). Many users requested me about an Update page which shows all page updates.
So This page will do that Job. Also ,We decided to publish a Weekly Updates every Sunday so you will get this weekly updates in your mail
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Feb 28, 2009 Updated Jai Ho effect on US People with many more videos

Feb 27, 2009 Updated Sakkrakatti Voiceless BGM - AC3 link fixed

Feb 26, 2009 Added Video - Jagjit Singh Challenges AR Rahman

Updated Times of India - Changing Notes with Video,mp4 and mp3 downloads

Updated AirTel TV Ad - Delhi Marathon Anthem - fixed the audio n video links

Added Akon's 'Beautiful' Video ft AR Rahman - download video n mp4

Updated Slumdog Award Videos with Good quality Oscar Video downloads

Updated ARR Jai Ho Performance on Tonight Show with HDTV-Rip Video

Feb 25, 2009 Added Sakkarakatti HQ Voiceless BGM 5.1 DTS - Download/Listen

Feb 24, 2009 Added Slumdog Oscar Award Photos -Red Carpet,Awards and Celebration

Feb 23, 2009 Updated with Oscar 2009 Winners List

Updated Slumdog Award Videos with 4 Oscar Videos

Feb 22, 2009 Added Watch Oscar Live Online Streaming

Watching with fellow rahmaniacs program dropped :(

Updated ARR performing Jai Ho with High Quality Video download

Feb 21, 2009 Added ARR performing Jai Ho on Tonight Show -NBC TV

Feb 18, 2009 Watch Oscar Live with fellow Rahmaniacs

Feb 16, 2009 Added Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Posters by Gautham Menon starring Simbu,Trisha
Feb 14, 2009 Updated BGM with Taj Mahal (Medium) and Azhgiya Tamil Maghan (Voiceless)

Added Valentines Day Special - Top 50 Love Songs by ARR

Feb 13, 2009 Updated Delhi 6 Promo with Kala Bandar Video - MUST WATCH
Feb 12, 2009 Added Slumdog Award Videos - BAFTA and Golden Globe Downloads

Added Taal Remix - Preachers Son - Wyclef Jean - Download/Listen

Added Taal and Thaalam - Listen Online

Updated Slumdog Mobile Video with Jai Ho extended Promo mp4

Updated Slumdog Promo with paperplane remix and Jai Ho extended downloadable Video

Feb 11, 2009 Updated JK Revolution with Mala Remix Video and mp4

Feb 10, 2009 Added Mayya Mayya Remix - JK Revolution Listen/Download

Added Guru - Listen Hindi and Tamil Songs Online

Added Yuvvraaj Voiceless BGM Download/Listen

Added BAFTA Award Photos

Feb 09, 2009 Added Jai Ho Remix mp3 listen by Pussycat dolls

Updated Slumdog Promo with Jai Ho Extended Promo

Updated Slumdog Awards - ARR Wins BAFTA Award for Best Music

Feb 07, 2009 Added Delhi 6 Ringtones and mp4 Mobile Videos

Updated Al Risalah with Listen online and ringtone

Added Download/listen Ciara's Turntables mp3 feat. kehna Hai Kya

Updated Delhi 6 promo with new dialogue promo

Updated Delhi 6 lyrics with Aarti Lyrics

Updated Delhi 6 with Tracklist and music credit details

Feb 04, 2009 Updated Delhi 6 Photos with Music Launch and Sonam Stills

Added AirTel TV ads YouTube,Downloadable videos,mp4,mp3 and Ringtones.
List of AirTel Ads added :
AirTel New TV Ads
Hello Tunes Voice Search | Atoot Bandhan | Lifetime and Nokia | Join The Dots | Jodi Pack | Super Lifetime VoucherMusic on Demand | Google on AirTel | Coming Home
Old TV Ads
AirTel Live| Blackberry Pearl | Call Home | Dil Ki Baath | Aisi Azadi | Friends | Music Shop | Sachin and Friends | Showdown | Wherever You are | Others

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