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Last Updated : 07 February 2009 at 01:25 AM (India)
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But you cant get update when an existing page is modified(for eg: BGM Section). Many users requested me about an Update page which shows all page updates.
So This page will do that Job. Also ,We decided to publish a Weekly Updates every Sunday so you will get this weekly updates in your mail
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Jan 30, 2009 Updated Delhi 6 Promos with Ghenda Phool Video promo

Jan 29, 2009 Updated Roja Downloads with Bole man- Sad mp3

Updated Slumdog Mobile with Gangsta Blue Ringtone

Added Oonjal Mp3 -Listen and Download

Updated BGM with Doli Saja Ke Rakhna Good Quality BGM

Jan 28, 2009 Added Standup,Take Action Campaign Video feat AR Rahman

Updated ARR 12 Fav Songs - Download links n online listen links fixed

Jan 27, 2009 Updated Roja downloads with all 5 roja marathi songs mp3

Added Connections Lyrics- Jiya se,man chanda and  kural

Jan 26, 2009 Added AR Rahman's 12 Fav Songs - Must listen

Jan 24, 2009 Updated Ghajini Mobile download with full length MP4 Video Songs

Updated Ghajini with Full Length YouTube and Downloadable Videos

Jan 23, 2009 Updated Slumdog Promos with Working Youtube Links

Added Slumdog Lyrics and English Translation

Added Article - why arr deserve it 4 SDM? (BGM Review)

Updated Slumdog ringtones with Salim's RTone (Swadesh Theme)

Added ARR's 10 Best BGM - Watch video

Jan 22, 2009 Updated Guru Unreleased Songs with Shauk Hai tamil Version Mp3

Added Guru HQ Video Songs

Added Guru Hindi Lyrics

Added Guru - Tamil Lyrics

Updated Slumdog Awards - 3 Oscar Nomination for ARR

Jan 21 ,2009 Added Article | Rahmanum Naanum(Rahman and Me)

Jan 20 ,2009 Updated Delhi 6 lyrics with all lyrics except aarti

Updated Yuvvraaj Video songs with High Definition DVDRip Videos

Added Mystic Master - Nice article about arr

Added Ghajini - Play Flash Game Online

Updated Connections with all 10 songs for online listening

Jan 17 ,2009 Added Video - Jai Ho (slumdog songs) made US people dance -must watch

Jan 16 ,2009 Updated delhi 6 lyrics with maula,noor,Rehna Tu,dil gira dafatan

Updated Karaoke Page

Added Delhi 6 Music Review

Added Delhi 6 Songs listen online

Jan 15 ,2009 Updated Delhi 6 with Title song promo video and mp3

Added delhi6 -maskali full lyrics

Jan 13 ,2009 Updated Simi garewall -arr special (2003) with video
Updated Instrumentals with Behka - Ghajini
Jan 12 ,2009 ARR Won Gloden Globe Award

Jan 11 ,2009 Added Slumdog Ringtones and Mobile video promos

Ringtones and Mobile video sections updated

Jan 10 ,2009 Delhi 6 Updated with High Quality maula video,mp4 and mp3

Updated gangmaster with both telugu and tamil mp3

Updated ar rahman first interview with video downloads

Jan 09 ,2009 Updated Taj anthem with all 5 videos,mp4 and Ringtones

Updated AirTel - Hostel TV ad with video,mp4 and mp3

AR Rahman Won 14th annual cricts choice award

Updated Delhi 6 with maula song promo

Added Robot-Endhiran First look n on location photos

Jan 08 ,2009 Updated AirTel - Express yourself tv ad with video,mp4,mp3,rtone

Updated Airtel TV ad power of human expression with video,mp4,mp3

Updated news section with some news

Jan 07 ,2009 Updated Slumdog promos with jai ho n ringa ringa Hindi promos

Added guzarish and other Instrumentals by akash (Must Download)

Added Slumdog Millionaire Awards and Nominations

Jan 06 ,2009 Added Hello Srilanka - airtel tvc feat SRK (video,mp4,mp3 n RTones)

Updated Ghajini with dialogue promo 3

Added RahmanFever Magazine download

Jan 05 ,2009 Updated Delhi 6 with masakalli TV Rip Video

Added SJ Surya's New Voiceless BGM

Jan 04 ,2009 Updated Delhi 6 with masakalli and maula song promos

updated ghajini with lattoo n 2 dialogue promo

Jan 03 ,2009 updated ghajini game with 4 promos n screenshots

added ghajini game review

Jan 02 ,2009 Updated airtel TVC - proud to be indian with video,mp4,mp3

Updated airtel tvc - voice sms feat SRK with video,mp4,mp3

updated airtel tvc - dth with video,mp4,mp3,teasers

updated airtel tvc marathon with 1 min mp3,video,mp4

updated airtel tvc madhavan,vidya with 5 videos,mp4,mp3

updated airtel garv feat srk with video,mp4,mp3

updated airtel tvc 2 boya at border with video,mp4,mp3,rtone