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Last Updated : 07 March 2009 at 04:30 PM (India)

Updates : 07 Mar – Added Review

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Watch YouTube Video | New AirTel TV Commercial – A Boy and Toy Phone

“Wonderful acting by dis Kid..we can say a Born Actor..Must Watch”

Music Composer : ? | Director : ? | Created by : ?

download coming soon.watch this space for updates

Review >

“Papa Ka Phone”  by: Ishani chakraborty,Kolkata, West Bengal | Courtesy: Mmouthshut.com

have you seen the new Airtel commercial? the story goes like this.....a small boy wants to go outside for playing but his mom disapproves. disheartened, he takes up his toy-mobile, slips to the terrace and rings up his dad. he shares his sorrow with his dad and silently comes back to his seat. minutes later, his mom comes back and says "ok. now you can go to play". Exhilarated , the boy asks his mom........."papa ne phone kia tha na?" and then comes the voiceover stating its Airtel.......

quite apparent from the ad that Airtel is targetting the family man/woman. unlike Virgin which targets the young generation. the commercial is well crafted and emotional. what i liked about the ad is that its showing mobiles as an important tool to connect with your near and dear ones which is the basic purpose of these phones. unlike say, Virgin, where mobile is shown as a playful instrument to engage yourself in n numbers of sms and such things.

another thing i liked is that the way the kid is represented. a simple and normal kid, filled with innosence and imagination. who thinks that his father will sure hear him through his toy-phone. we all used to be such imaginative and naive as kids.

didnt we? the ad will sure strick a chord with you.