Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Updates | 2010 May (17-24 )

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I know many of You are e-mail subscriber of Newsletter. That means you will get updates whenever a new content is published.

But you cant get update when an existing page is modified(for eg: BGM Section). Many users requested me about an Update page which shows all page updates.

So this page will do that Job. Also ,I decided to publish a Weekly Updates every Sunday so you will get this weekly updates in your mail

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Updates – New Features
20-05-2010 You can download all files at a time using Rapid Downloader.
  1. open rapid downloader
  2. copy the links from rahmanism
  3. rapid downloader will capture and start downloading of  copied links automatically…Cool Na
Click Category on a particular page to display all other pages under that category
Click Year to display all releases in that year including movies,singles,albums,concerts,interviews etc
Click Page Menu on a particular page to display all pages related to that page including downloads,listen,videos etc
Updates – New Addition
21-05-2010 – cast n crew - downloads
Updates – Page Updates

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