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Movies - Water (2005) | Tracklist , Cast, Crew

Water | Hindi
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Category : Movies > Hindi
Year : 2005

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - The Forgotten Hero | 2005

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The songs and Background score composed by A. R. Rahman. The soundtrack features 19 pieces composed by Rahman, including 13 instrumentals and orchestral themes, in addition to 6 further songs, with lyrics by Javed Akhtar. Performers include the Western Choir Chennai and the Mumbai Film Choir.
  1. Aazadi (4:55) – A. R. Rahman
  2. Kadam Kadam (2:48) – Vijay Prakash
  3. Ekla Cholo (6:05) – Nachiketa Chakraborty, Sonu Nigam
  4. Hum Dilli Dilli Jayenge (2:49) – Instrumental
  5. Desh Ki Mitti" (5:34) – Anuradha Sriram, Sonu Nigam
  6. Zikr" (4:44) – A. R. Rahman, Rafi, Rakeeb, Shaukar Ali
  7. Ghoomparani" (4:25) – Sapna Mukherjee, Satyanarayan Mishra
  8. Durga Pooja - Rhythm" (3:22) – Instrumental
  9. Netaji – Theme 1" (1:22) – Instrumental
  10. Afghanistan – Theme 1" (4:14) – Instrumental
  11. Hitler Theme" (2:10) – Instrumental
  12. Emilie Theme 1" (1:57) – Instrumental
  13. Afghanistan – Theme 2" (1:19) – Instrumental
  14. War Themes" (4:33) – Instrumental
  15. Emilie Theme 2" (2:32) – Instrumental
  16. Kadam Kadam Barhayae Ja – Orchestral version" (0:52) – Instrumental
  17. Desh Ki Mitti – Orchestral version" (2:48) – Instrumental
  18. U Boat Theme (Underwater battle)" (2:11) – Instrumental
  19. Netaji – Theme 2" (4:44) – Instrumental

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero is a 2005 film directed by Shyam Benegal and starring Sachin Khedekar, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Rajit Kapur and Divya Dutta.
The movie depicts the last five years of the life of the Indian independence leader Subhash Chandra Bose Netaji. It starts out at the point where Bose resigns from his position as the president of INC and ends with a radio announcement of his death. The music for the movie is by A. R. Rahman. The music for the songs "Aazadi" and "Ekla Chalo" were particularly popular. There is also a song "Zikr" composed in the style of Islamic prayer chants of Sufi style.

Movies - Mangal Pandey (2005) | Tracklist, Cast, Crew

Mangal Pandey: The Rising | Hindi
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Category : Movies > Hindi
Year : 2005

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International - Al Risalah (2008) | Listen, Downloads (Ringtones), Lyrics with Translation, Cast and Crew

Al-Risalah / The Message | International
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Category : International
Year : 2008
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Listen | Marhaba Mustafa - Al-Risalah

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Listen Marhaba Mustafa

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  1. Marhaba Mustafa (05:33) | Composed and sung by AR Rahman with lyrics by Hazrat Khaja Sayed Shah Ameenulla Hussainy

  2. Ya Rasoole Khuda (07:35) | Mohd Salamat - Composed by Liyakat Ajmeri with lyrics by Abid Imtiyaz.

  3. Kaun Hain Aap (03:13) | Mohd Salamat -Composed by Raj Verma with lyrics by Syed Ahmed

  4. Habib Ullah (03:32) | Mohd Salamat -Composed by Raj Verma with lyrics by Syed Ahmed

  5. Keh Rahi Hai Meri Saans (03:48) | Mohd Salamat -Composed by Raj Verma with lyrics by Syed Ahmed

  6. Nabiyun Ke Nabi (02:30) | Mohd Salamat -Composed by Raj Verma with lyrics by Syed Ahmed

  7. Story Of Islam & Teachings Of Prophet (18:02)

  • Audio on BIG Music

The movie that is getting huge reviews all over the world is the movie Al-Risalah which has been made by Hollywood director Moustapha Akkad. The story of the movie Al-Risalah is about Prophet Mohammed who is selected by Allah as his messenger.The movie released in India as dubbed in Hindi and Urdu on December 2007.
The Indian genius and music composer A R Rehman has made the music of the movie.The movie has a huge budget that has been funded by Libyan President Moummar Gaddafi. In India the movie will be distributed by Anuj Saxena’s Maverick Productions and the production house will distribute the dubbed version of the movie. The Oasis Enterprises owned by Yamshi Ahmed and Saad Ahmed will be making the dubbed version of the movie. The lyricist Hasan Kamaal has written the dubbed version of the movie.
The movie is unique as it will be coming for the first time with the story of Prophet Mohammed. The depictions of characters and presentations have been done extremely beautifully that makes the story look very real. The way the movie shows the stories of Islam is very attractive and impressive.
Big Music and Home Entertainment has released the audio of AL RISALAH which is available in all leading stores.The movie includes the Hit song "Marhaba Mustapha", composed and sung by A R Rahman. The lyrics of the song are by Hazrat Khaja Sayed Sha Ameenulla Hussainy R.A.Although there is only one song in the movie, the audio CD of AL RISALAH contains additional content including songs, teachings and preaching's.Syed Ahmed has penned other 4 songs which have been composed by Raj Verma. Mohd Salamat has put his heart and soul in the rendition of the songs. "Ya Rasoole Khudha" and "Nabiyun Ke Nabi" stand out for the calming effect it has on the listeners. "Ya Rasoole Khudha" has been composed by Liyakat Ajmeri with lyrics by Abid Imtiyaz.

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UU - AR Rahman and Patriotism | Independence Day Special wishes all a happy Independance day.Here is some exclusive videos composed by A.R.RAHMAN . Be proud to be an Indian...Be proud to be an ARR fan..Jai Hind
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Song : Maa Tujhe Salaam

Album : Vandemataram
Year of Release : 1997

Song : Vandematarama Revival
Album : Vandemataram
Year of Release : 1997

Song : Tamizha Tamizha
Film : Roja (Tamil)
Year of Release : 1992

Song : Kaapaleri poyachu
Film : Indian (Tamil)
Year of Release : 1996

Song : Ishwar allah
Film : 1947- Earth
Year of Release : 1998

Song : ek tuhi barosa
Film : Pukar
Year of Release : 1999

Song : Jana Gana Mana
Album : Jana Gana Mana
Year of Release : 2000/2007

Song : Mera Rangde
Film : Legend of Bhagat singh
Year of Release : 2002

Song : Yeh Jo Des hai tera
Film : Swades
year of release : 2004