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Interviews | Gokulam Kadhir Magazine 2009

( Interview of ARR which featured in this week " Gokulam Kadhir Magazine" Tamil Magazine )
Transcript by Vithur :
" Today's World Renowned Allah Rakka Rahman is the same Dileep Kumar who couldnt continue with his studies in his Tenth Standard. He has attracted the full world because of his music. A Special Interview with him”

Articles - Stories | Reused or rearranged bits from earlier songs!

Posted by : Sripathy Ramesh | Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Here are a couple of instances where A R Rahman has reused some of his earlier pieces in songs. These are just 1 or 2 line pieces and there is no harm in doing so since the originals are also his. You can hover your mouse over my photo on the comments bar at the bottom of the track to find out details about the songs mixed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Videos - Misc | Congress's Jai Ho! and BJP’s Counter video ‘Bhay Ho’

Cashing in on the success of A R Rahman's 'Jai Ho' number at the Oscars, the Congress has decided to use the song exclusively during its election campaign. The party bought the rights of the song from Slumdog Millionaire, which went on to win eight Oscars, from music company T-series. The film, which showcases life in Mumbai slums and how one of the dwellers becomes a millionaire, has 'Jai Ho' as its theme song. Music composer A R Rahman, got the first ever Oscar for a Hindi number for the song.
They released first version of song with video.But to be frank, they destroyed the beauty of song.Now they are working on Jai Ho version 2 which sung by Sukhwinder himself.The video will be released next week
Updates >
28 March 2009 : BJP has launched a video titled Bhay Ho to counter the Jai Ho campaign of Congress. The song is as follows "Bhay ho.... bhook ho.... Antak ho.... Mahangayi ho.... phir bhi jai ho," The song features street children singing the song in the general compartment of a train and a stranger planting a bomb in the railway coach. Funny!

Articles - Stories | Some misunderstandings!

From the day i started rahmanism, i am getting too many mails asking for some rare ar rahman works... i am tired of explaining that these tracks are not by ar rahman or no way related to ar rahman...
1 - Andhi Maalai/Fantasy/Vaishnavar - All songs are composed by Ousappachan (popular malayalam music director).
ARR connection : AR Rahman (aka dileep) worked as keyboard player for dis album in 1987. He arranged whole songs (just like ranjit barot or praveen mani doing for arr nowadays).Also composed some interludes and some beats.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Downloads AR Rahman’s Voice only songs for DJ Mixing

Strict Warning : For Personal Use Only
Aa Aah
Ripped by ?
  1. Anbe Aaruyire 
Aayitha Ezhuthu
Ripped by Pratap
  1. Hey Goodbye Nanba
  2. Hey Goodbye Nanba-2
  3. Jan Gana Mana
  4. Nenjamellam
  5. Sandaikkozhi
Ripped by Pratap
  1. Kadhal Sadgudu
  2. Pachai Nirame
  3. September Madham
  4. Snehidhane
Azhagiya Tamil Magan(ATM)
Ripped by Pratap
  1. Ella Pughazhum
  2. Kelaamal
  3. Maduriakku
  4. Nee Marlyn
  5. Ponmagal Vandhaal
  6. Valayappatti 
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Ripped by Rahmanism
  1. Kabhi Aditi
  2. Kahin Toh
  3. Nazrein Milana
  4. Pappu Cant Dance
  5. Tu Bole
Minsara Kanavu
Ripped by ?
  1. Anbendra
  2. Ooh La La
Ripped by Rahmanism
  1. Aye Bachchu
  2. Behka
  3. Guzarish
  4. Kaise Mujhe
  5. Lattoo
Ripped by ?
  1. Columbus
Ripped by Rahmanism
  1. Amma
  2. If You Wanna
  3. Maarkandiya
  4. New
  5. Sakkara
  6. Spiderman
  7. Tottaal Poo
Ripped by Rahmanism
  1. Chinnamma
  2. Elay
  3. I Miss You
  4. Marudhaani
  5. Naan Eppodhum
  6. Taxi Taxi
Ripped by ?
  1. Yeh Jo Des
Ripped by Andrews
  1. Kannire Kannire 
Ripped by ?
  1. Athiradi
Sillunu Oru Kadhal
Ripped by Andrews
  1. Munbe Vaa
  2. Newyork Nagaram
Ripped by Vithur
  1. Theeyil Vizhundha
Ripped by Rahmanism
  1. Dil Ka Rishta
  2. Zindagi Zindagi
  3. Mastam Mastam
  4. Shanno Shanno
  5. Tu Meri dosth
  6. Tu Muskura 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Articles - Stories | Roja Rahman faded? Nah....Here is the Answer!

Posted by : Raghav™
In one of the interviews, A.R.Rahman said that a composer who moulds his music that suits the idiosyncrasies and tastes of the audience belonging to that moment would be a failure in the long run but at the same time a composer who can mould his music to suit the contemporary audience as well as satisfy the old generations can definitely come out as a winner and will last for a long time !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Articles - Stories | Multi-Lingual(s)….Indeed, A Bliss to Listeners!

Posted by : Raghav™
We have been listening to ѐminence grise, a.r.rahman's distinguished and remarkable compositions almost every minute, if not an exaggeration! He keeps us enticing every precious minute we spend on hearing his compositions. This has been spanning for more than a decade now yet one can see the same Rahman, although in different musical avatars, enthralling the music listeners all the time by keeping with the pace of the generations.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interviews | Apple Website 2009 | A R Rahman on Jai Ho and Apple’s Logic

In a recent phone interview, Rahman spoke about how he used Logic and other tools to create his eclectic, ambitious score against unforgiving deadlines.
How did you come to work with director Danny Boyle on “Slumdog Millionaire”?
Well, I was really busy last year. I was doing about eight films, too many really. And I had this email saying “Hey I’m Danny Boyle, I like your work, and it would be great for us to have you on our film.” I didn’t know what to answer. But after exchanging several more emails, I met him personally in Mumbai. And when I talked to him, I had some interest and I wanted to see the film. He had a first cut of the film already, and when I saw that I was really interested and wanted to do it. So I left another film to do this one. I made time for it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Articles - Stories | Rahman Unplugged – Some Interesting Facts!

This article was published in Times of India.Thanks to Sajith for finding this wonderful articles.
  • Nine-year-old Dileep Kumar a.k.a A R Rahman slept late, played carrom and hated waking up at 7 a.m to practice at the piano!
  • Asked to leave school due to lack of attendance, he quit studies at the age of 15.
  • When Rahman’s sister fell seriously ill in 1988, Pir Qadri, who cured her, advised the family to convert to Islam and they did!
  • Dileep had a choice of seven names during his conversion. He chose Allah Rakha Rahman.
  • Call it a filmi coincidence, his name was Dileep Kumar before he converted to Islam and his wife’s name is Saira Bano!
  • His nickname is Isai Puyal.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

UU - Monthly Updates (Feb 2009)

Last Updated : 14 March 2009 at  11:24 PM(India)
What is New in Rahmanism.com |
I know many of You are e-mail subscriber of Rahmanism.com Newsletter(Want to Subscribe?). That means you will get updates whenever a new content is published.
But you cant get update when an existing page is modified(for eg: BGM Section). Many users requested me about an Update page which shows all page updates.
So This page will do that Job. Also ,We decided to publish a Weekly Updates every Sunday so you will get this weekly updates in your mail
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Feb 28, 2009 Updated Jai Ho effect on US People with many more videos

Feb 27, 2009 Updated Sakkrakatti Voiceless BGM - AC3 link fixed

Feb 26, 2009 Added Video - Jagjit Singh Challenges AR Rahman

Updated Times of India - Changing Notes with Video,mp4 and mp3 downloads

Updated AirTel TV Ad - Delhi Marathon Anthem - fixed the audio n video links

Added Akon's 'Beautiful' Video ft AR Rahman - download video n mp4

Updated Slumdog Award Videos with Good quality Oscar Video downloads

Updated ARR Jai Ho Performance on Tonight Show with HDTV-Rip Video

Feb 25, 2009 Added Sakkarakatti HQ Voiceless BGM 5.1 DTS - Download/Listen

Feb 24, 2009 Added Slumdog Oscar Award Photos -Red Carpet,Awards and Celebration

Feb 23, 2009 Updated with Oscar 2009 Winners List

Updated Slumdog Award Videos with 4 Oscar Videos

Feb 22, 2009 Added Watch Oscar Live Online Streaming

Watching with fellow rahmaniacs program dropped :(

Updated ARR performing Jai Ho with High Quality Video download

Feb 21, 2009 Added ARR performing Jai Ho on Tonight Show -NBC TV

Feb 18, 2009 Watch Oscar Live with fellow Rahmaniacs

Feb 16, 2009 Added Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Posters by Gautham Menon starring Simbu,Trisha
Feb 14, 2009 Updated BGM with Taj Mahal (Medium) and Azhgiya Tamil Maghan (Voiceless)

Added Valentines Day Special - Top 50 Love Songs by ARR

Feb 13, 2009 Updated Delhi 6 Promo with Kala Bandar Video - MUST WATCH
Feb 12, 2009 Added Slumdog Award Videos - BAFTA and Golden Globe Downloads

Added Taal Remix - Preachers Son - Wyclef Jean - Download/Listen

Added Taal and Thaalam - Listen Online

Updated Slumdog Mobile Video with Jai Ho extended Promo mp4

Updated Slumdog Promo with paperplane remix and Jai Ho extended downloadable Video

Feb 11, 2009 Updated JK Revolution with Mala Remix Video and mp4

Feb 10, 2009 Added Mayya Mayya Remix - JK Revolution Listen/Download

Added Guru - Listen Hindi and Tamil Songs Online

Added Yuvvraaj Voiceless BGM Download/Listen

Added BAFTA Award Photos

Feb 09, 2009 Added Jai Ho Remix mp3 listen by Pussycat dolls

Updated Slumdog Promo with Jai Ho Extended Promo

Updated Slumdog Awards - ARR Wins BAFTA Award for Best Music

Feb 07, 2009 Added Delhi 6 Ringtones and mp4 Mobile Videos

Updated Al Risalah with Listen online and ringtone

Added Download/listen Ciara's Turntables mp3 feat. kehna Hai Kya

Updated Delhi 6 promo with new dialogue promo

Updated Delhi 6 lyrics with Aarti Lyrics

Updated Delhi 6 with Tracklist and music credit details

Feb 04, 2009 Updated Delhi 6 Photos with Music Launch and Sonam Stills

Added AirTel TV ads YouTube,Downloadable videos,mp4,mp3 and Ringtones.
List of AirTel Ads added :
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Listen Ghaijini (2008) BGM - Voiceless Background Score

Ghajini BGM – Tracklist
Quality : High | mp3 @128kbps + AC3 @ 448kbps 5.1 Channel DTS) | Voiceless | DVD-Rip
Ripped and Edited by : Rahmanism
  1. Ghajini_Theme
  2. Sanjay_Intro
  3. Guzarish_Theme_1
  4. Guzarish_Theme_2
  5. Guzarish_Poem_ft.Aamir (New)
  6. Sanjay_Fun_Theme.
  7. Kalapana_Theme
  8. Kalpana_Madam
  9. Kalpana_Fun_Theme
  10. Duplicate_Sanjay
  11. Boyfriend
  12. Party
  13. I_Love_You
  14. Behka_Theme
  15. Kaise_Mujhe_Theme
  16. They_Killed_Her
  17. Sunita_Theme
  18. Run_ft.Yogi_B (download)
  19. Gift
  20. Sanjay_at_Ghajinis_House
  21. Sunita_at_Sanjays_Flat
  22. Fight_at_Parking_Lot
  23. Fight_at_Mall
  24. Fight_Theme_1
  25. Fight_Theme_2
  26. Fight_Theme_3
  27. Fight_Theme_4
  28. Kill_him.
  29. Following
  30. Hostel
  31. Two_Missing
  32. Kalpana_Murdered
  33. Police_Officer_Theme
  34. Favor
  35. TV_Ads
hi guys, first i want to say sorry...coz ,when i watched Ghajini, i felt ar rahman gave an average BGM ..but i was totally wrong...just listen to this BGM! its simply gr8...also watch video with Ghajini Theme BGM bit..
My Personal favorites are
  • Ghajini Theme music – Awesome theme.Most favorite track from Movie…i tried my level best to avoid special effects.When i heard this theme ,i felt tseries must release BGM Cd or atleast this theme with audio CD..what a theme
  • Sanjay Intro – nice intro music. it used in many places so i compiled all together
  • Guzarish Theme 1 – My second favorite track.. some variation from original version + there is a tabla mix track
  • Guzarish Poem – Poem rendered by Aamir..u can hear sonu’s backing vocal..but i didnt recognize the first vocal part..is it Benny?
  • Kalapana Theme – Prelude to Behka song… i love this slow version than original one!
  • Kalapna Madam – i didnt like aye bachchu song but this track is amazing..same tune but different instruments..mainly flute…you’ll love this track.. mixed the track for best listening experience.
  • Run ft. Yogi B – is it really Yogi? i think so… again mixed the track to make more like a song than bit!
  • Behka Theme – this is ar rahman for you! same tune which made you dance ,now make you cry!
  • They Killed Her – Any one know about singer?
  • Sunita Theme – My third favorite! again mixed to make track lengthier!
  • Kalapana Murdered – it took too much time to rip and mix this track..tried copy pasting to make this track more listenable!Perfect BGM! Hats of AR!
  • Fight Theme 1 and 4 – If you are fan of ARR’s orchestral arrangements,then try this tracks! Amazing orchestration! i can say,Fight Theme 4 can be used in any Hollywood movie…it has an international appeal! (Fight Theme 1 is used as main BGM,but it was difficult to rip without Special effects..i tried to mix bits from here and there, to make it less noisy)

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Boy and Toy Phone – Atoot Network | AirTel TV Ad

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Contents : Watch Video | Read Review

Last Updated : 07 March 2009 at 04:30 PM (India)

Updates : 07 Mar – Added Review

Watch Video >

Watch YouTube Video | New AirTel TV Commercial – A Boy and Toy Phone

“Wonderful acting by dis Kid..we can say a Born Actor..Must Watch”

Music Composer : ? | Director : ? | Created by : ?

download coming soon.watch this space for updates

Review >

“Papa Ka Phone”  by: Ishani chakraborty,Kolkata, West Bengal | Courtesy: Mmouthshut.com

have you seen the new Airtel commercial? the story goes like this.....a small boy wants to go outside for playing but his mom disapproves. disheartened, he takes up his toy-mobile, slips to the terrace and rings up his dad. he shares his sorrow with his dad and silently comes back to his seat. minutes later, his mom comes back and says "ok. now you can go to play". Exhilarated , the boy asks his mom........."papa ne phone kia tha na?" and then comes the voiceover stating its Airtel.......

quite apparent from the ad that Airtel is targetting the family man/woman. unlike Virgin which targets the young generation. the commercial is well crafted and emotional. what i liked about the ad is that its showing mobiles as an important tool to connect with your near and dear ones which is the basic purpose of these phones. unlike say, Virgin, where mobile is shown as a playful instrument to engage yourself in n numbers of sms and such things.

another thing i liked is that the way the kid is represented. a simple and normal kid, filled with innosence and imagination. who thinks that his father will sure hear him through his toy-phone. we all used to be such imaginative and naive as kids.

didnt we? the ad will sure strick a chord with you.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Articles - Stories | "Rahman's musical instrument starred in a TV Ad!"

Posted by Prasad Sangameshwaran (Mar 04, 2009)
Courtesy : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com | Thanks to Harikrishnan.M.A for sending me link
For the past few days Mark Manuel, director, films, at JWT Chennai, has been drinking his morning cuppa from a magic mug. It’s magic because it displays an embossed photograph of him with AR Rahman, everytime a hot beverage is poured into it. It’s not very well known but the man they now call Rahman has a very strong and long connection with the ad-world, especially Chennai. Back then though he was known as AS Dileep Kumar.
Dileep’s involvement with advertising was no brief fling, but a full-fledged affair. Advertising is where the long epic journey that has culminated in an Oscar began when Dileep started scoring with background tunes for ads in the mid-1980s. In 1986, when a public service commercial on drug abuse was being produced at the Audio Vision studio in Chennai the studio owner, Vijay Modi suggested to Trilok Nair, director, Trisha Productions, that he must try out a young talent. “One could barely spot the boy behind the keyboards. But when we heard the music, we were blown away,” recalls Nair.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Articles - Stories | Ramgopal Varma on AR Rahman and Rangeela's music

I was making a Telugu film called Kshana Kshanam with a first-time music director called Keera Vani, now known as M.M.Kreem. One day at the recording studio while we were having lunch, Rickey, a rhythm programmer working with M.M.Kreem at that time, mentioned to me that I should work with this very talented keyboard player called Dilip. That was the first time I had ever heard of A.R.Rahman.

I didn’t take Rickey seriously. Much later when I happened to listen Roja’s songs at Mani Ratnam’s home, long before the film released, I was blown away with the sheer originality of the songs’ orchestration and tunes. I immediately wanted to sign him for a film I was making with Sanjay Dutt called Nayak, and for Rangeela. But my investors preferred Anu Malik, as they felt the success of the music of Roja’s dubbed version was a fluke, and that this kind of music would not work in Hindi.

The very fact that A.R was not signed by any top Hindi filmmaker after Roja is proof-enough, they reasoned. They said that Anu Malik was at the top of his form after Baazigar, and that we would get a much bigger price for the audio.