Monday, September 22, 2008

Kristoffer Berntsson's Figure Skating with ar rahman's music

This was Kristoffer's performance of his "Bombay Dreams" and "Warriors of heaven and earth" by A.R. Rahman at 2006 European LP. Despite the mistakes, the artistry of the routine is very innovative and beautiful. It's my favorite long program that Kristoffer has done so far, and my hat goes off to both him and his choreographer for choosing music which no one else had skated to. The broadcast is from J-Sky-Sports.A Must watch video :)


He used the 5 scores from Bombay Dreams and WOHE


  1. Bombay awakes | Bombay Dreams
  2. Ganesh | Bombay Dreams
  3. Closer Than Ever | Bombay Dreams
  4. Dacoit Duel | Warriors of heaven and earth
  5. Blue Light | Warriors of heaven and earth

Looks like he is an arr fan :)


Who is Kristoffer Berntsson ?

Kristoffer Berntsson is a Swedish figure skater. He is the five-time Swedish national champion and the five time Nordic Champion. Berntsson was the first Swede to land a triple Axel.For more info Checkout WIKI

Watch YouTube Video | Kristoffer Berntsson 2006 Europeans LP


Sunday, September 21, 2008

AR Rahman Live in Concert @ Marina Beach (1998)

AR Rahman Live in Concert @ Marina Beach | 1998 – Watch Videos

AR Rahman Live in Concert @ Marina Beach – 1998 Part 1
AR Rahman Live in Concert @ Marina Beach – 1998 Part 2

POSTED by aravind82 ,
ARR Yahoo Group

I was looking through my old VHS tapes, and chanced upon this video which I recorded when I was a kid! I was so excited to see this again after about 12 years! And, of course, I wanted to share my excitement and happiness with everyone here - in the arrahmanfans Yahoo group!! I've converted from the video from VHS to digital format and have uploaded it youtube.

(If you find the audio/video quality to be poor it is because it is a 12 year old video extracted from an old and dilapidated VHS tape!!! Please excuse! :P )
This was during Independence Day Celebrations in 1997 or 1998 (I'm not sure!!). A huge set, which was a replica of Andaman Cellular Jail, was erected at the Marina in Chennai, which served as a backdrop.
A.R.Rahman performed 4 songs -Vande Mataram-Revival, Thamiha Thamizha (bit), Bombay Theme Music and Maa Tujhe Salaam. Singers Sujatha Mohan, Anuradha Sriram, Flautist Naveen performed in this show.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Articles - Stories | Mystic Minstrel - Must Read

Today, if Bollywood can dream of going global, the reason, to a large extent, is a phenomenon called AR Rahman, writes Derek Bose
Song writer Sameer is yet to get over his first meeting with AR Rahman in 2002. It was for the music recording of the film, The Legend of Bhagat Singh. Rajkumar Santoshi was its director and Ramesh Taurani, the producer. Together with Sameer, they took a late-night flight to Chennai and straight from the airport, drove up to Rahman’s house ~ only to discover that the maestro was busy at another location.

“The location turned out to be a tiny maqbara in the middle of nowhere,” narrates Sameer. “Who would have expected that there, in the stillness of the night, amidst flickering oil lamps, lighted candles and incense smoke, we wound see this man, all alone with his synthesizer, composing music? There was not a soul in sight or anybody within hearing distance. In this spooky atmosphere, we hurriedly made a selection of nine or ten tunes and ran for our lives. By the first available flight next morning, we were back in Mumbai.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Download AirTel TV Ad - Delhi Half Marathon 2008 Anthem | Video,mp4 and mp3

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Last Updated : 26 February 2009 at 08:30 PM (India)

Updates : 26 Feb - Added 45 sec and 1 min mp3 and video | 15,October 2008 : Download High Quality Full version Voiceless(without dialogue) audio | 23,September 2008 : Download YouTube Quality Video (duration: 1 min)

AirTel | Delhi Half Marathon 2008 - Anthem

music by : A.R.RAHMAN

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45 Sec Video | 1 Min Video

Quality : Medium | wmv and flv

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Download Jodhaa Akbar Original Background Score (BGM)

jodhaa akbar  Background Score (BGM)
(Direct Download with resume support)
  1. Download Jodhaa Akbar BGM 
    • specification : MP3 |  128kbps |  quality : medium | Voiceless: YES
    • Ripped from : original DVD | Tracks : 43 | Size : 44MB
ripped from original 2-dvd set...but the prob is ripping BGM frm JA is one of d most difficult task as they used so many special effects like elephant sound,sword etc...ripped high quality need special skills..i tried my level best but still i was not able to make it a HQ...i can say 90% tracks r voiceless! but some tracks like jodha-sujamal theme,akbar war theme's volume level was tooo low,so de r some distortion,wen i boost d volume
i hope someone who ripped saathiya,swades BGM ll come with HQ...
and another intersting thing is der s not a single scene without BGM.. everytime some BGM playin backgound with mild sound!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yuvvraaj | Watch Theatrical Trailers and Song promos

Promos | Tracklist | Wallpapers | Video- Making of Music | Lyrics | Downloads | Listen

Updates : November 26, 2008 - "Dil ka Rishta" song video promo added  | November 18, 2008 - "Mastam" song video promo added | November 10, 2008 - " Shanno " song video and "theatrical trailer" Added | 20th October 2008 - 'Tu Muskura' Promo released | 15th october 2008 - Three promo videos added including one song video 'dosth' | 21,September 2008 - An extended audio promo released today with official launch of new Yuvvraaj Website

Status : Movie released on November 21,2008 and Music released on 15th October 2008.



Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj - Dil Ka Rishta promo video/trailer 8

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 5.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM


Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj - Mastam Mastam promo video/trailer 7

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 5.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM


Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj - Theatrical Trailer Promo/trailer 6

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Qulaity : Good | FLV | 11 MB

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Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj - Shanno Shanno promo video/trailer 5

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 8.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM

Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj - Tu Muskura promo video/trailer 4

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 5.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM

Download Video For Mobile

Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj Dosth promo video/trailer 3

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 5.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM

Download Video For Mobile

Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj Teaser/promo/trailer 2

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 5.5 MB

Courstesy : IndiaFM

Watch YouTube Video | Yuvvraaj Teaser/promo/trailer 1

Download Video

Qulaity : Good | FLV | 2.5 MB

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Download Audio

Quality : Good | Mp3 | 128kbps

Courtesy : Official website

YouTube | Audio Promo (From Website)

Download Yuvvraaj Audio Promo

Quality : Good | Mp3 | 128kbps

Courtesy : Mukta Arts


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