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Last Updated : 05 May 2009 at  12:40 AM(India)
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Apr 08, 2009 Buy A R Rahman T Shirt designed by Rahmanism

Apr 01, 2009 Blue mp3 leaked – April Fool Prank

Mar 31, 2009 Added Interview on Gokulam Kadhir Magazine – Latest issue

Added Articles – bits or pieces reused or rearranged from earlier songs

Mar 30, 2009 Added Articles – Some misunderstanding.. songs which are not by ar

Added Jai Ho – Congress and BJP Versions – Videos

Mar 28, 2009 Added A R Rahman’s Voice only songs for DJ Mixing

Mar 26, 2009 Added Article - Roja's Rahman faded? Nah....Here is the Answer !

Added Article - Multi-Lingual(s)….Indeed, A Bliss to Listeners!

Updated Calicut concert 2009 –Book your Tickets!

Added Good Quality video Download Pussycat dolls Jai Ho
Mar 23, 2009 Updated Calicut concert 2009 –Ticket Rates Revealed
Mar 21, 2009 Added interview – ar rahman about logic and composing styles

Updated Calicut concert 2009

Mar 20, 2009 Updated Calicut concert 2009

Mar 16, 2009
Added First Arranged/Programmed Song | ‘Ho Pa Pa’ –1988
Added Rahman Unplugged – Some interesting Facts

Mar 14, 2009 Updated Ghajini BGM with Guzarish Poem with additional music

Updated Ghajini BGM with Voiceless mp3+dts BGM

Updated Pussycat dolls Jai Ho Remix with official video download
Mar 13, 2009 Added Ghajini BGM Promo Video Mix – Must Watch

Mar 07, 2009 Added Airtel new tv ad – boy and toy phone Youtube Video with Review

Mar 06, 2009 Added Xclusive first look – Blue starring Akshay –Photos

Mar 04, 2009 Updated BGM with Nippu Ravva - Telugu(1992) BGM

updated Pussycat dolls - jai ho remix with making of Video

Added Articles - AR Rahman to Dileep -During Jingle days

Updated Delhi 6 Promo with Dil Gira Dafatan

Added Article - Ramgopal Varma on ARR and Rangeela music making

Mar 01, 2009 Updated Oscar Videos with High Definition HDTV Videos-AR Performance n award

Added CNN-IBN Interview 2009 (Mar 01) - Video downloads

Added filmfare winners - AR Rahman bags 2 filmfare awards

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